[Release] DMV School - Drivers license

Hello all,

This is my first share and also my first release, I hope you guys like it and can tweak it to become a better resource.
As a disclaimer, I am very new to lua and tried my best to put this together, so credit where credit is due, I will try to credit the authors responsible for the snippets that were used, but feel free to let me know if ive left anything out.

The code has also never been tested on a populated server, so leave a comment if there are any bugs if you decide to use this on your server.

The DMV School release is a standalone script that goes through a number of events in order to apply a drivers license to the player. This script does not include any license registry, so before you ask how to show license or register a license after the test? It does not, however it gives you the option to apply this after passing the test.


  • Introduction: Takes the player through a brief introduction to the rules and regulations of traffic, quite a must before taking the theory test.
  • Theory Test: A UI based form test, you simply click on the right answers and submit them, however you should be careful, the test costs 200$ and money is not refundable if you fail the test.
  • Practical Test: A series of events throughout the city, mainly focusing on speed limits based on areas while you keep the vehicle whole without crashing. You will get a number of notification on the screen telling you what to do, there is a chance you can fail this test if you accumulate too many errors during the test.


  • essentialmode (old one, not the one with couchdb) I will not support couchdb as im not using it myself, sorry.
  • Legacy MySQL (This script does not use async, but im sure someone could help convert it, ask in the comments)
  • pNotify (This script uses pNotify for the beautiful and easy to use UI notifications, make sure to move and replace this file: noty.css to pNotify > html, all ive done is changed the width of the UI notification that pops up at the center of the screen, so it doesnt look all clustered and ugly with the huge amount of text.)

If youre interested in knowing what Ive changed and want to do it yourself instead of downloading my .css file, here is the adjustment:

#noty_layout__center {
  top: 50%;
  left: 50%;
  width: 625px;
  -webkit-transform: translate(-webkit-calc(-50% - .5px), -webkit-calc(-50% - .5px)) translateZ(0) scale(1, 1);
          transform: translate(calc(-50% - .5px), calc(-50% - .5px)) translateZ(0) scale(1, 1); }

Video Demonstration

dmvschool.rar (111.8 KB)

resources used in this script:


very nicely done but you totally failed your test on that video preview xD

That was obviously on purpose to show the features

Very good job bro its very good school drive i like

Nice job, yosang! Good stuff

haha i know im just messing with you xD

do you get a driver license when you finish it?

Hi, the pnj say Locked for all test


My bad, I completly forgot the .sql file, I updated the download file now, redownload, and add the .sql to your database

Very very nice ! Awesome job but i think it requires too much resources ^^

It does not, but you can simply trigger it to connect with another platform such as ply_prefecture for example

So i passed the theory but now i just get “locked” in red at the bottom when trying to select any of the 3 options?.

looks like a really cool script, but why do people keep making mods for an outdated broken framework thats no longer available or supported thats uses db’s that are inefficient and can cause server issues (sorry im salty i cant use half the cool looking scripts on here :stuck_out_tongue: )

They make the scripts for the old essential-mode because alot of people know how to use mysql its better for it anyway

i dont think you understand the issues presented … old es mode was abandoned for a reason you should look into that

Send me a link so i can see what you are talking about

i dont need to look into it i dont use a broken framework lol and already use asynch , the problem is as you said “replace it and convert” yet theres nothing wrong …
no there is and thats why its no longer distributed and supported (and you need to jump through hoops converting etc). kind of indisputable yet people want to dispute the known facts. and seem to assume that calling out faults means someone must use couchdb and not asynch/mysql …
ps i dont use es at all never have never will its a dependency mess. who wants to convert and update 10+ scripts to get one working . or wait for a dev of each script to update to a new form on the framework everytime it updates or decides to switch db method… just dont understand the appeal of es myself, and ive seen it cause more problems then its worth on servers. …
but my main post was actually about why people make scripts for a dead version of es not es in general . but here we are (sorry to hijack a thread with irrelevant issues to it) id just like to use scripts and am disappointed they are for this (old) framework every time

now im upset you cant read/comprehend i guess , the point is people are making scripts for a dead unavailable framework … made that abundantly clear … the point you just made is irrelevant as i code scripts for my framework so i dont have to waste time working on a dead framework thats not even supported or available and requires much more work then its worth. if thats what your into more power to you…

its dead undistributed and unsupported, you cant even post it on here due to the original authors wishes. the very definition of dead. enjoy working around it. no one demanded anything. no one claimed vrp was mine i said i use and script for a diff framework (my is a usual term for the one i use its pretty clear its not mine). reading and comprehension still low i guess. try to not get triggered over the facts here. and … why wait for (non essential) scripts other people have already spent time working on rather then reinventing the wheels oneself …logic should answer your question for you. if i needed a car wash bad enough and wasnt developing other things i would do it but again why when someone else is. logic is tough and so is reading but youl get there bud again sorry you got triggered by the facts about a dead framework, and feel the need to go to such lengths to try to 'call me out" over irrelevant things to the topic and discussion in an unrelated thread about one simple script. have fun with it though lol

I’m getting this as well