[Release] Custom server sided sounds

meh didnt work it said Started Resource sound but theyre not in game help?

i cant resource any sound example: pistol sounds dont work but rifle sounds work

I only hear the custom sounds on my left ear, on my right one, I hear the vanilla ones. Please fix this, I cant use it because of this at the moment.

The default sirens which are included in this pack don’t work for me as well… Any fix?

Does This Work With ELS?

Can you make a British one if possible, if i send you the siren can you turn it into a resource ?

Works like a charm! Made my own custom car sound and have that on my server. Thank you!

Can you help me? my sirens doesnt work.

sirens do not work server side ! you need to use open iv and replace it.
if you have 32 player on your server all need to do this that want the same sirens. if they dont they here the vanilla

Is there no way to get sirens work on server side?

nop not right now.

just find this :stuck_out_tongue: Try this