[Release] Colored Hud ( Weapons / Radio / blips )

:palm_tree:Hi all :palm_tree:

This is a colored hud for your server ( Weapons / Radio / blips )

Create a folder name coloredhud in your (ressource stream) same as if you replace one vehicle and that its dont forget to delete your stream cache files !
if you dont know how follow this ↓






-Colored Blips↓

Source of this mod ↓


How is this a release??

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you dont need to search for it !

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Wasn’t this already on the forums? Found here: [Release] Multiple HUD Color Modifications

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its not the same at all


and dont need to be rude guys im just sharing so poeple wont need to search or waste time for it … is there a probleme whit this ?

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Works perfectly thanks

Fonctionne parfaitement merci

It’s not a Tutorial, it contains resources in some way that are server-sided. Doesn’t contain an explanation on how to do stuff, only a resource to download and install.

This doesn’t change the colour of the HUD itself, it add colours weapons icons, map blips and radio stations on the fly wheel.

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Read before write …

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read the tuto its all there bud and yes its server side

all wrong follow the tuto you need stream ressource and you put the colorhud in that @MrSawZ

Doesn’t work, can you upload a file with the installation directly ? pls ? i follow your instruction

you need to install the stream ressource before and you put this in the stream ressource same as you replace a car skin

But for the __resource.lua he said like “Can’t found the resource.lua”

try to install the stream release and stream/replace one car its the same way for the colorhud

You can’t upload your file ? with the coloredhud ?

everything is there dude !

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sry i cant the file is to big .!