[Release] Multiple HUD Color Modifications

These files changes all the character colors (Franklin, Trevor and Michael) to the selected color

GTA Online BLUE Color | MEGA Download (Screenshots below)
Brown Color | MEGA Download (Screenshots IMGUR)
Pink Color | MEGA Download (Screenshots IMGUR)
Lime Color | MEGA Download (Screenshots available later (never apparently now :P) )
Orange Color | “Official” Download
Red Color | “Official” Download

Put it into citizen/common/data/ui

Here are some screenshots of the GTA Online color.

Just tell me what you want and i’ll make it.

@Mikeeh Can you make a brown version please? Light brown not dark.



This good enough for you?

Maybe add a screenshot so people can see what they are downloading?

@Boss There are only screenshots of the GTA Online color at the moment.

Just added some for the brown color.

@Mikeeh Thanks, I really like the color :slight_smile:

@kanersps No problem :slight_smile:

Pink Color added :wink:

Lime color added!

Orange color? :3 (for reference, see RGB of 240,151,63)

hudcolor.dat (21.6 KB)
I have no time to check if i did everything right but here it is (i didn’t even go in the game to check it :P)

Is there any way to use this serverside?

No. It cannot be used serverside to my knowledge.

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Ok, thank you anyway :slight_smile:

Added Orange Color

@Mikeeh green please

See if the lime color is good enough

too bright im looking for more of a darker color, lime makes it kinda like neonish color too bright with my reshade