[RELEASE] CleanUI wardrobe

Thanks for reporting this.

I accidentally broke compatibility with older versions when adapting this to esx_legacy. Should be fixed now.

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Hey again,
because the cui_character Editor was not holding my EUP Package i was Changing to a regular Clothes Shop, i think its named np_clothes. Now how is it possible to Save und Get the Wardrobe Clothes without working this? Because when i work with the other Clothes Shop what is simular with yours he dont Save the Clothes, he just save all to “0” . Can i work with the Triggers from cui_character still to save all i can use esx_skin just for updating the Clothesshop ? I still want to use cui_character for my Character Editor.

nice Very good script

Hi, I need help. When I try to save an outfit I can click as much as I want but nothing further happens. I don’t have any errors so I don’t know what to do. Please give me some advice.

hey i have a mistake can someone help me?

[ c-resources-core] Could not find dependency cui_character for resource cui_wardrobe.
[ citizen-server-impl] Couldn’t start resource cui_wardrobe.

You need this script as well;