[RELEASE] CleanUI wardrobe

That also happens to me and I don’t know how to solve it

You should not change the name of the script since that breaks it.
Great release @Pained_Psyche

This is great!

If you were to not use cui_character, would you just change the dependancy and code from cui_character to skinchanger or esx_skin?

Thanks again for your work, look forward to your repsonse!

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and yet another brilliant script that solves a lot of my problems - thank you very much :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice release got it working with esx clotheshop and my housing system works great

What are the Events that we can trigger to open the wardrobe menu because I need it for my housing system.

how you triggered the wardrobe?

It’s just:


It does not take any arguments.

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is there a way to have the wardrobe be at all the clothing shop locations?

So i cant seem to get the blips for the wardrobe to appear or even when i add my own vector3

You need to trigger the events from esx skin to make it work

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for housing? and how you made it work with esx_clotheshop ?

First edit the script to make it work for the clotheshop using the esx skin triggers then you just open the outfit menú in your housing script.

Is the script compatible with vrpex?

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Can i you the wardrobe without the Character System i will this Script to Save Outfits in Appartmens

How do I make this work with esx_skin or skinchanger instead of cui_character?

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You just trigger esx skin saving and skinchanger loading events


I’ve modified the script to work with esx legacy.

Only done some very minor tweaks and I remember the wardrobe being broken with the dev branch of cui_character before, but now I’ve tested it a while and it seems to be working. This is puzzling :confused:

ESX 1.1 Support PLEASE :sob:

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I use ESX 1.2 and this is happening and dont let me open the wardrobe menu.

[ script:cui_wardrobe] SCRIPT ERROR: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:98: attempt to call a nil value (upvalue ‘fn’)

What did i wrong?

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