[RELEASE] CleanUI wardrobe


After the release of my character creator I received some requests to make saving outfits possible.

I understand that currently the way cui_character edits clothes is not really all that comfortable to use (lists are long and might be tiresome to scroll through).

I’m releasing this (much smaller resource) to both satisfy the requests and partially remedy this issue.


  • Configurable number of slots.
  • Custom outfit names (up to 25 characters in length, can contain spaces).
  • Can be configured to either use a slash command /wardrobe or editable map locations.



Example screenshot


As with the character creator, I allow you to do antything you wish with this distribute, modify etc.

Final words

It's a small and simple resource, but I hope you'll like it. Again, I welcome feedback and bug reports in this thread.

With what script can you use the wardrobe?


It’s intended to be used with cui_character, although it shouldn’t be that hard to modify it to use with whatever clothing system you like as it uses own, custom sql table to save the data.


What I wanted to say is if that system works with the esx_property or how it goes.

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Looks super cool!

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By the way how to “save” the clothes?

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I didn’t test it with actual instanced, indoor locations. Will try to maybe adapt it later on if it turns out to be messed up.

What you can do with it right now, is set locations where it can be opened on the map.

You press the ‘edit’ button, type the name and press Enter (or click the tick button that appears). Your current clothes will be saved to the slot you edited.


This is amazing and clean UI! About your chatacter creator thers some video or screen please?
Edit: I see it, AMAZING!

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I like really much this, i was looking for use it for change skin system, where you put the name of the skin, like a menu… do you have a clean version of this script so i can work on something different i need? I just ask, maybe you can help me, if not dont worry, thank you for your release :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing that stuff ! look clean.


So i’ve added the script for at testing server. It seems like, whenever I press “edit”, enter a name. It doesn’t work with “enter” or the checkmark icon…
Any idea what that could be. ?

But, all in all sweet resource!

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Doesn’t work for me, even with the commit added.
I save the outfits and when I click them just plays the sound but doesn’t change anything.

EDIT: ok besides not working, I can see people refraining from changing their outfits with this script because of how long it takes to go trough every item. And since a lot of them don’t match, it gets really tedious to go trough everything and see what fits and what not.

Really love the script, both this and cui_character, hope it get’s improved cause it’s by far the best one out there!

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Does anyone here has the script working?
I can save, not load though. Clicking or pressing enter doesn’t change anything.

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its about cui_character how can i fix this im using es_extended final and my gun inventory after reconnecting or restart


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I can change into the first outfit slot but when I try to change into the second outfit slot it doesn’t work.

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pls pls :frowning: i dont know what to do ?

Very good script. I liked the UI very much.

This looks like some sort of problem with loading ESX. Either you didn’t properly follow the instructions how to enable esx_identity integration in cui_character or you enabled the integration without esx_identity installed.

no i have already installed esx_identity , can you pls give me more info when i change my clothe and take bag or drop bag my character just refresh and my laodouts and my guns will be disappeared how can i fix this ??pls

stuck here

nice Very good script