[RELEASE] Citizen ID Card [Paid Resource]

Citizen ID Card - (Paid Resource)

A Realistic ID Card To Enhance Your Roleplay Experience.


  • Changeable Layout
  • All The Data On The ID Card Is Changeable(ex. Name, Address, ISS, Expiry, Dob)
  • Contains A Snapshot Of Your Character In Real Time.
  • Standalone/ESX script.
  • Show ID To Nearest Players / Or Specific ID (Can Be Changed In Client-Side), This Works With/Without ESX
  • Pull Data From Database If ESX Is Enabled (Enable In Server-Side) (Requires esx_identity for Firstname, Lastname, Dob, Sex, Height)
  • Disable Specific Values So They Can’t Be Edited. For Example, Disabling The Name/DOB/Sex Edit. Useful With ESX Since It Will Pull The Data From Database.
  • One sync Compatible.


  • /showid [target-id / Blank for your self-nearby players] To Show Someone/Yourself Your ID
  • /viewid To Accept The ID Sent By Someone
  • /idset [key] [value] (Keys: name,dob,address,sex,dl,exp,class,end,hair,eyes,hgt,wgt,iss)


  1. Purchase the resource from our Tebex Store.

  2. Check your email (And Spam Folder) for the resource

  3. Place the resource files in your server’s resources folder!



You are selling this script for 14€ and here is script for free and its same

why ?

if you look at it my friend clearly not same, 1 up to date is one, 2 it allow the user to do few extra feature than the current one you’ve sent - * Changeable Layout

  • All The Data On The ID Card Is Changeable(ex. Name, Address, ISS, Expiry, Dob)
  • Contains A Snapshot Of Your Character In Real Time.
  • Standalone script.
  • One sync Compatible. , 3. why you so mad, why don’t you read, 4 I’m a little salty at the pricing too but these developers gotta make living to as well script is a lot better when they are for sale if they’re not you can request a refund depending on the case you are trying to make. all I’m saying it read it and actually look at the comparisons before jumping to a conclusion, now I haven’t bought the script to know the difference, will I buy the script maybe. IDK depends on what my guys think on my team.
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I am not mad, but everyone sells simple scripts for 20€ 1€ 12€
i am only saying you are selling script for 14€ but on forum relese is free same script

Hi you are not just paying for the script it self, you are paying for our support, EX: Removing one of the options, adding another option, making the ui bigger, and such. if you don’t like the price simply don’t purchase it.

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Not sure why you think this is the same? The one you linked is CLEARLY for ESX, not standalone and therefore pulls from your character database. This one, the user can set all their info and it has the pic of the character put in so this is MUCH better and is definitely not the same as the Free one you keep talking about.


the one you sent is for esx the one in this post is able to be used on servers without esx

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love this script i have been looking for something like this to be released for a while sadly not able to purchase it but still love that someone finally made one able to be used on servers that do not have esx


Not really sure how managing all of the data is considered ‘simple’, if it is so simple why not make your own resource and release it to the public.

I for one like the look if this, you can tell a lot of effort went into it.

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Hi, is this script ip locked or crypted? Thank you!
PS: Do you have discord for (maybe) help?

hi if you require any help you can dm me here on the forums.

Ok perfect thank you, now I buy it

The code is crypted?

no, for editing purposes and unlocking more possibilities for different communities

Ok perfect thank you :slight_smile:


Ahm… GitHub - plesalex100/plesIds: [RO] Afiseaza buletinul / permisul romanesc ?

Ahm… Read And Compare?

Because this one is clearly better… If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

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Great resource … I designed the license for san Andrea’s … the script is a standalone script and can be used with any server too cheap if you ask me :smiley:

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