[RELEASE] Citizen ID Card [Paid Resource]

i bought the script and it is not comparable to the scripts you are sending guys, it is done very well, the only sad thing is that there is no sql save

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So every server restart do you have to redo the card or will it save the information done via the command?

no you have to type the command again.

is that for ESX OR can it be use for a non-esx?

Standalone script

It is a standalone script, meaning you can use it without esx and vrp

Was literally searching for something like this the other day.

Just a polite suggestion

My suggestion is to make a config or 2 separate versions to allow server owners to choose how the script operates.

So, as it is right now, you type /showid [ID] & the person you’re “sending” it to has to type /viewid to “accept” it, which is one option/ version.

The other option/ version would be just send it to the nearest player & have it automatically show up for that player without them typing /viewid.

Either way, loving the script & looking forward to using it more in my server!

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Glad to know you liked it, and thanks for your suggestion. the idea is in the works!

Forgot to add in, that (if possible) if no player is nearby to give it to, it would just give/ show the ID to yourself, which I’ve found very helpful in “testing” your ID after setting something using the /idset command.

Looking forward to future updates!! :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

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Script Has Been Updated, Contact me for the updated version

Store Checkout issue has been fixed, you should be able to purchase the script now

Compatible with Vrpex?