[Release] Bodged Radio | TokoVoip/MumbleVoip [Non-ESX]

it is no esx tho i think

yes, please make a pma-voice version of this

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Its a Non-ESX item, if your looking for a ESX one theres ls-radio etc.

That’d be great if you can make a pma-voice version of this!

Issues with it. After closing the radio you can’t move your character or open any sort of menu.

hey, im using the mumble version so i dont have to use teamspeak, how do i connect to a channel and speak. Ive tried everything

Has anyone found a way to quick remove all the secondary zone channels? Want to make a slash command an trigger to just quick clear those.

how do you change key bind to talk on radio? using mumble voip

idk about anyone else but i think the OP is no longer interested…

is there anyway to make the ui smaller

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How do I make the UI smaller???

and where exactly I would put this?