[Release] Bodged Radio | TokoVoip/MumbleVoip [Non-ESX]

Hey, Running latest version of both T0kovoip and Bodged Radio, but when I set my channel the export isn’t found.
“error during NUI callback switchChannel: citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:955: No such export removePlayerFromRadio in resource t0kovoip” This also happens with the addPlayerToRadio

(At the end where it says t0kovoip I had changed the export source as an attempt to fix this issue as I have my t0ko renamed to ‘t0kovoip’ instead of ‘t0kovoip_script’ due to it not starting otherwise)

Any ideas/fixes?

with mumblevoip when i click the configured keybind nothing comes up

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Hello Everyone so I just have a question about this TokVOIP and this script. Our RP server is looking at adding this but we are not sure how to do our dispatching. From my understanding, everyone is required to be in-game and in the same teamspeak channel. The only thing is a lot of our dispatchers cant get into the game and we don’t want all our civ to hear dispatching. Is there a good system on how to do this or has anyone else to work around this?

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how do you talk on the radio? im using mumble

How can i put in esx shop like usable item ?

Caps lock

Any chance for a saltychat version?

No animations pop up for mumble bodged.

Please upload this to Github. It makes issue tracking/bug reporting so much easier rather than having to look through the comments on this post! And I agree with what @AvarianKnight said. A PMA version would be a great plus when it comes to compatibility!

Is there a way to edit it do instead of “Channel 1, Channel 2, Etc” It says “PD 1, PD 2, Fire 1”?

Also is there a way to change the size and the location of the radio on the screen?