[RELEASE] [VOIP] pma-voice | mumble-voip alternative

Do not message me for support, if you have questions post it on this topic so other people can refer to it for their issues in the future.

pma-voice is designed around being easy to configure for the end-user, it uses FiveM’s recommended way of using convar’s to configure everything for the client, which means it can easily be configured during runtime without having to restart the resource.

pma-voice also includes many new, more modern mumble features such as Native Audio support, Submix support (players radios will actually sound like radios!), and even routing bucket support.

pma-voices core features are:

  1. Radio - You will have to use your own resource, or use rp-radio adapted for pma-voice
  2. Phone Calls - Looking for a phone? Look at NPWD!
  3. Player Targeting over Grid System (less bandwidth usage)
  4. Supports routing buckets - see documentation here
  5. Simple User Interface
  6. Configurable Keybinds (Keybinds → FiveM → Change your radio & cycle keys)
  7. Easily configurable during run time, all convars are runtime changeable

You can find the latest releases here:

pma-voice releases

You can find the development repository here:

Github Repository

Please Note:

You will not get support if you’re not on the latest recommended server.


So what would be the main difference between mumble and yours?


NICE JOB MATE ! is it also compatible to scripts like rp-radio or such ? or will be other release to replace rp-radio ? + another issue with mumble ( maybe its fivem that not support it for now ? ) is not working with buckets , is your script support buckets also ?

Yes, you just have to change the exports from mumble-voip -> pma-voice (highly recommend changing the resources name, as binds carry between servers). It doesn’t currently support buckets, no.

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Do you have any screenshots or anything to showcase this? and what exactly has been changed?

Thanks for the free release.

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It’s just a bare-bones voice system, there’s no UI or anything of the sort, if you want anything like that you will have to make it yourself as its entire point was to be something extremely optimized and fix radio/call issues on the server that I develop for.


Does this require Onesync OFF or ON?


Using Mumble requires at least one sync legacy.


Intersting, but before i ditch Mumble, why is this better than Mubmle?

Does it support radio?
Does it support 3D audio?


There’s no reason to choose one over the other, the main difference is this was rebuilt of the ideas of mumble-voip. It supports Radio, Phone & 3d audio and also doesn’t have the issue where players would constantly go global (so far from testing, which was the main reason this came to fruition in the first place).


Please mention these type of things + the difference in your original post. Users are left completely blind looking at your first message.


:+1: I updated the post, thank you for your feed back.


Hi if i whant to change the phone to this voice ive to make new exports?


You should just have to change the mumble-voip or tokovoip export to pma-voice

Latest version implements routing bucket support, I don’t use routing buckets on my server (currently) so don’t expect it to work 100%. After you set someones routing bucket just do



You’re not really giving me much to work off of here.

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you didn’t provide enough information for him to provide the support for you.
Try showing the code when a player is in the call where did you put in the export
did you add the export?
did you add the export to the right event?

provide more information while asking for support instead of just saying “it’s not working”

Mic clicks don’t seem to be working, also, any chance for at least a voice range ui?

The issue should be fixed on the latest patch that was just released, and as for the voice range UI it’s a negative, I have no reason to make one. For some clarification this resource was made and will be continually updated because it’s made for the server that I develop for, if at some point we separate our UI into this you can expect to see it.

Have you noticed any issues where some players can hear everyone in the server? We’re having an issue where about 3 players out of a ton are able to hear every single person at all times, but it works for everyone else.

We had them try reinstalling fivem and GTA already and nothing seems to help.