[Release] Bluur Car Pack - 110 working car models on Five Reborn (+cars list +handling)

I made a car pack to play Role Play with my friend but I decided to share it with you. Every car is carefully selected for playing. All cars are from net, some textures and adds are edited by me.
Handling is for more realistic driving and offroad cars are now really 4x4.

:vertical_traffic_light: Download (Google Drive): https://docs.google.com/uc?id=0Bzdf0ikhGwjUejg1azhTMktoRE0&export=download
How to install: Just put “resources” directory to your five reborn server main directry
alt text
and next, open citmp-server.yml by notepad or something, add line: - cars
to AutoStartResources like on example:
alt text


How to install handling? Just put handling.meta file there:
alt text


Cars list:

miljet - boeing airplane
schafter2 - mercedes brabus
turismor - gallardo
coquette3 - porsche classic
adder- bugatti chiron
windsor2 - bentley continental
windsor - bent continental tuned
tailgater - mercedes long
chino - dodge charger r/t (for sound)
btype2 - dodge charger r/t (for sound)
emperor2 - oldsmobile
stretch - 5x longer default stretch
massacro - toyota supra
massacro2 - toyota supra vol2
dune2 - funny 3wheel car
panto - Peel P50
issi2 - fiat 126p
rocoto - audi q7
rhapsody - daewoo tico
schafter4 - audi a8 w12
asea2 - seat leon
mesa - jeep wrangler rubicon
ninef2 - mitsubishi eclipse2 tfatf
kuruma2 - evo 7
hotknife - dragster
superd - mercedes 600sel
felon - subaru wrx WRC
zion2 subaru wrx sedan 2013
zion - skyline r34 stock
sentinel - skyline r33
t20 - mclaren p1
schafter5 - new police
policeold2 - new police
fbi new police
fbi2 new police
sheriff Peel P50 police edition
sheriff2 new police
policet new police
buffalo3 new police
buffalo2 new police
banshee - ferrari f430
schafter3 - mercedes s63 amg
ruiner - bmw m4
blista - daewoo matiz
gresley - jeep grand cherokee srt8
carbonizzare - lamborghini huracan
washington - BMW 750i
stinger - mercedes sl500
ninef - ferrari
primo - century 13
tornado - bel air
faction - buick gnx
dubsta - mercedes g65
dukes - charger rt
sultanrs - Subaru WRX STI
Kuruma - EVO 9
exemplar - Toyota Camry
blista2 - honda civic
jackal - audi rs7
schwarzer - Audi A8
stratum - BMW 750li
gauntlet - bmw m5 e39
minivan - dodge grand caravan
airbus - autobus
elegy - Nissan GTR
Feltzer - toyota Supra
Surano - Jaguar ftype
Buffalo - chrysler 300C
Penumbra - nissan 370z
Obey 9F Cabrio - honda s2000
comet2 - porsche gt4
sabregt - chevelle
vigero - challenger z drivera
dominator - mustang new
felon2 -infiniti g35
ocelot f620 - mercedes gts
schafter - mercedes e63 amg
fugitive - chevy impala
intruder - cadillac cts
oracle - bmw m5
oracle2 bmw 5 535i
stanier - merc560sel old
stanier taxi - NY taxi cab vic
cavalcade - suburban
cavalcade2 - escalade
seminole - cherokee
entityxf - Koeniggseg CCX
heetah - Lexus LFA
Vacca - Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder
JB700 - Aston Martin DB5 (Bond)
landstalker - subaru forester
baller small - range rover vogule
patriot - hammer
bison - ford f150
bobcatxl - chevy
caddy - tug

Important note: My mod pack was released 3 years ago, and was working on FiveM 2016 version. I dont know is this working on your present version


nice 10/10

@bluur please provide a virus scan

@bluur an online virus scan with a link

@pipje2001 its 1,5GB file man. There isnt online virus scanner with more than 200mb file upload

@bluur good point, well i checked the file its fine by me but i don’t know how the dev will react

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really nice package :slight_smile: is there a way to mod carsounds serverside?

the handling that comes with the file is not very realistic. Also, the visual damage is great but the engine damage is way too low it needs to match the visual that you get with the damage modifier

thanks for the release are these just replacement cars or add ons?

there are replacements

Thank you for the share!

frfr you right, fast cars way 2 slow

I don’t found the folder to install handling ? where is it ? thx


I don’t have FiveReborn file…
How to do ?


I have a problem when I add this pack of vehicles’ j in 5, 6 that works’ others remain in original car 'I have already tested with different pack I always have the same problem it could come from what? Is a client problem, server?

Please Help me I havé à big problèms with a custom car pack …

I wanted to make known an issues I am having.

I think this line of text is interfering with the client.luia script in the speedo folder that I got from the FiveLife dump file.

-- everything is ok
					local degree = 0
					local step = 2.05833
					if GetEntitySpeed(vehicle) > 0 then degree=(GetEntitySpeed(vehicle)*2.236936)*step end
					DrawSprite("speedo", "speedom_003", 0.898,0.752,0.16,0.245, 0.0, 255, 255, 255, 255)
					if degree > 247 then degree=247 end
					DrawSprite("speedo", "needle_003", 0.898,0.755,0.116,0.15,43.00001+degree, 255, 255, 255, 200)
					if IsControlPressed(1, 216) then DrawSprite("speedo", "brakeson_001", 0.83,0.815,0.02,0.025, 0.0, 255, 255, 255, 255)
					else DrawSprite("speedo", "brakeson_002", 0.83,0.815,0.02,0.025, 0.0, 255, 255, 255, 255) end

More specifically the line

DrawSprite("speedo", "speedom_003", 0.898,0.752,0.16,0.245, 0.0, 255, 255, 255, 255)

When loading the Bluur car pack it causes the spedometer that is usually present on the right side of the screen when driving a car to display a blank (white) square.

Removing Blurr causes the speedometer to reload.

When I remove the DrawSprite line I mentioned above nothing loads and the blank (white) square disappears when entering a vehicle.

I think it is most likely a sprite issue.

Still testing things. Has anyone else experienced this?

Delete the vehicle named speedo , it work for me

that didnt work for me

same problem but when i remove blurr it still is there so idk what it is. also removed the speedo car and the folder