[Assistance Required] Vehicle handlings


I’m facing a problem as to where all the vehicles on my server have increased slip somehow. I do not have any resources installed that are supposed to do such a thing, it’s even visible on AI’s. Does anybody know what this could be about and how to fix it?

You mean modded vehicles?

All vehicles, even visible on AI’s driving their vehicles as I said.

Yeah but are the vehicles default vehicles?

I just tested, it’s for both - modded vehicles and default vehicles.

So you have done something to the meta files for all vehicles.

I definitely don’t recall doing something like that. All I have done that even touches the topic of vehicles, is added vehicle packs, which I have done by drag-and-drop.

Which vehicle pack have you added?

I’ll throw down all the links to them, hold on.

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Try disable this one in your server.cfg and test if it is that,

Okay, will do. I’ll let you know in a second.

Funny enough, that solved the issue. I still would like to keep the addon vehicles though, is there a way I could fix the handling for that pack?

Sorry I don’t usually deal with .meta files, although I am sure there is a way to do it all at once.

Fair enough. Do you know any other vehicle addon packs that feature civilian vehicles? Would help a bunch

Are they addons or replacements? From the names it looks like it replaces vanilla vehicles.

Yes they do, I am unaware of an addonpack. Sorry.

i think they can all be added together but my handling.meta i believe has entries for the regular vanilla replacements so if you use those other packs with mine either u have to remove the vanilla section out of the meta and just keep the addons and that should work

A year later haha.

Have you fixed your handling issues already?