[Release] Area of Patrol - Set AOP - Ft. Draw Text, Peacetime & More [AOP] [3.4]

I am getting a issue where the config file never runs. But if I go in game and restart the resource than it runs…

I added this to server.cfg:
add_ace Fax.AOP faxes.aopcmds allow
add_principal identifier.steam:11000011bbda6dd Fax.AOP

and its still telling me that i am not allowed to use the /pt and /aop commands

Double check the steam hex. It looks a little short in characters.

I’ve set everything up my discord permissions won’t work so I tried without using principle permission and still doesn’t work so I’m very confused

i did and samething

I´ve put the perms in server.cfg and I cant still set aop

Did u get it to work

When I log into the game the written text is in bottom left, but the config is set to top middle.
Once I restart the script it moves, however when someone else joins they see it on bottom left until i restart the script again…

Any one have issues like this?

How do u add perms mine don’t work

Good script, however I am struggling setting it up with discord permissions with the AOP please help me!

i have your area of patrol script and with i cannot shoot players even if peacetime is on or off what is the problem

What id it need that’s my problem

This look right?

Having this error and can not find a way to fix it → citizen:scripting/lue/scheduler.lue:1145: No such export isRolePresent in resource discord roles

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How do i get the Discord Perms to work with it

did you find a fix?

citizen:scripting/lue/scheduler.lue:1145: No such export isRolePresent in resource discord roles, any help?

Hi I’m tryna use this for my local host server but I can’t figure out how to upgrade my own permission because it wont let me use any of the commands because I “have insugnifficant permissions”

I want ot remove the

Date section of the script. How do i do that without removing the tme or the whole thing?