NPC is not doing anything but NO ERRORS are shown…so no clue on where’s the error.

I dont knwo why, but im not getting any command like /doktor or /doctor … nothing… the script is put inside the server and everything, but still nothing
Any ideas why?

When I call the doctor he stay freeze and nothing happens

vrp plz

Good job, gonna test in my server
I see that you just modified the AI_Mechanic so the AI come and bring you back to life. Can it have any problem if using at the same time AI_Mechanic? I mean in you client we can found the event “knb:mech” and in the AI_Mechanic client too. Can it cause some trouble?

I want to reply to all comments.

I stopped developing on FiveM.

AI Doctor is upgraded this version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWuunIxOX4g

Work and improve. Believe yourself.

Thanks everyone.

script saying failed to find vehicle help need

i need to after revive it send bill ambulance to player how can i do ?

for all who have problem with doctor who does nothing :)) just change spawnRadius = 100
Is there some script like zones where I can prevent using /doktor command


  • Added price for treatment. Price paid player to ambulance society bank.
  • Remove AI Doktor vehicles and you can use everywhere now.
  • Optimized codes thanks for @zzazuu for this.
  • Added EN language options.

You can check Preview for new version. Thanks.


bro can i need help can i contact you personally can you please give your discord ID

bro can i get old doctor_ai script

Is it possible to make the AI disappear automatically after saving people? Because it doesn’t seem to disappear, running around on the map all the time causes the server to freeze

i need to after revive it send bill ambulance to player how can i do ?

Can u help me ? They just revived me only one but the next time they didn’t active anymore ???

Any reason why it says I need to be dead in order to use this when I am dead and there are no EMS on duty?

Hi, seems like the script is still not working will spawn the doctor but he does nothing.

how to sit it on G KEY PRESS than typeing the command ai medic help some one

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how to make so the ped check players pulse so if you se a pulse from 0 to 7 he cannot revive or heal the player.