Red dead online be usable for RedM?

So rockstar are releasing red dead online for $5 so was wondering would this work for RedM? I already own the game but was just wondering if my friends by the $5 version they can RedM.

I’m guessing now because the RedM is a singleplayer instance so it won’t be possible?

You need the whole game to play RedM. The RDO standalone won’t work.

Why not? It downloads 117gb of shit. I assume that comes with all the story stuff just locked behind something

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Maybe we have to wait?!?! :thinking:

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Is there an information update on RedM?

At this moment, you cannot run RedM if you own Red Dead Online as a standalone game. It is also unknown whether this version will be supported.

I’m pretty sure it’s the way Rockstar has the single player files locked so they can’t be accessed without going past the paywall. Over in the CFX Discord, all they’re saying is that it won’t work and they are unsure at this time if it ever will.

I don’t doubt that they will try to make it compatible because that price is very attractive for potential new RedM players. However, Rockstar already doesn’t like the Citizen FX community so I’m sure they would try to find a way to shut it down if they tried bypassing the paywall that blocks access to the whole game for those standalone RDO users.

Where can I find the discord? I would like to join

No wonder RedM is dead

i got red online and bought the single player expansion on redonline and i cant join on redM.

Then its not the rockstar bloq the files, probly redM dont have a “update” for the new version.

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It’s explained here.

It’s dead? Not for me! :joy:

understand :smiley:

wait so that means it will be fixed soon say that

No one said that…IF it does happen it will take some time… and thats a big IF.

so u dont have to buy the game on rockstar u can allso buy it on steam and it will work
bc is i have rdo as u call it and i buy the rdr story mode edition on rocktar will i be able to play redm then the rdo wont go in and fuck up the system

RDO players can play on servers with DLC Level 1355 enabled

now redm work with redo standalone if the server has dlc 1355 enabled?

Yeah. I’m playing since 2 days.

Yes it works I have used redm by purchasing red dead online