Recent Update + Some information


First of all, thanks for reading this. The day before yesterday an update was pushed towards all clients, we realise this update came as a ‘shock’ to most people since it wasn’t announced and a changelog wasn’t provided afterwards.

Let’s set a couple of things straight, in a previous update we blacklisted OpenIV to force the developers or community owners not to use it. You quickly found a workaround. Now, you might have noticed we banned it in a diffrent way. This has a reason, OpenIV shouldn’t be used, this is because it’s responsible for 75% of all crashes. Everything you would like to modify in FiveReborn can be done with server-/clientsided modifications except for sounds modifications (at this moment in time).

Here’s a couple quick tips;








Minimap_0_0.ytd files

A few other clientlocations are posted by @Levo and can be found here.



police is used as an example model

PED .YTD / .YFT files

s_m_y_cop_01 is used as an example model

A full tutorial on how to do this can be found here.

Sound modifying

This will require you to edit your original game. In this example, we will modify a police car siren.

Step 1. Extract x64/audio/sfx/RESIDENT.rpf
Step 2. Modify vehicles.awc to your own needs.
Step 3. Create folder a somewhere and name it anything you would like.
Step 4. Download Affix ArchiveFix.
Step 5. Extract ArchiveFix.exe in that same folder you just created.
Step 6. Open CMD in that folder (SHIFT+RIGHT CLICK).
Step 7. Type the following: archivefix fetch (make sure GTA V is running).
Step 8. Let it do it's thing, it will take a while. Don't worry, they are cats.
Step 9. Once done, drag the RESIDENT.rpf on top of ArchiveFix.exe.
Step 10. Replace your original RESIDENT.rpf with OpenIV.
Step 11. Launch FiveReborn and enjoy your custom audio.

* Make sure you do not install OpenIV.asi / asimanager or anything you would normally use for OpenIV.
* Community owners can now spread this modified RESIDENT.rpf in community packs.
* This program is 3rd party software, it’s not developed by us. Use it at your own risk, we are not responsible for any problems this may or may not cause you. We are just providing you with this information as you all requested sounds modifications.

Next to that, you might have noticed that we are undergoing several changes. More information on this will follow in the near future. The latest update gives us the possibility to review/fix more errors and bugs then ever before. We now receive crash reports and are able to analyze them properly.

Last but not least, the latest changelog;

  • dev build features
  • new server list
  • favorites now works properly
  • environment checks for running the game
  • internal stability improvements
  • name saving now works properly
  • bug reporting
  • quite a few more things which we didn’t bothered mentioning

Hope this helps…

Best Regards,
FiveReborn Team


So server’s can add light enhancers and map locations rather than every one having to install them personally?

@Boss Great!

real nicethanks for this good job!

Can you Update to use social Rockstar Club

Now can use only at

Thanks a lot !

@Oswaldi said in Recent Update + Some information:

Can you Update to use social Rockstar Club

Now can use only at

Thanks a lot !

Don’t use a cracked version - problem solved!

Eugh, you guys can’t stop breaking 5R update after update, do you?

I had to install Botnet 10 just to play this goddamn mod for now.

@Rstein Do note that windows 7 is becoming quite outdated? And w7 will work soon again but windows 10 will always be the priority for now.

@kanersps I’m not willing to use Botnet 10 purely because privacy and the godawful UI compared to Win7.

@Boss i Dont use a cracked version but the Problem is there to !

@kanersps When do you think that we will be able to edit or sounds through FiveReborn.

corrupt game data every time i do it. No matter ii have dinput8 or not

Good work I am having problems getting Affix archivefix working I get this error
alt text

@Stvbdkd said in Recent Update + Some information:

Good work I am having problems getting Affix archivefix working I get this error

Acces denied, but it seems like all your keys already loaded. You only have to do this once.

Just a warning to everybody who uses vehicles.meta, the newest game update (Import/Export) has broken FBI2, PRANGER, and SHERIFF2 for FiveReborn so do not get a new vehicles.meta from the game, stick to an old one and you will be fine.

Stop complaining about Windows 7 and about 5R being broken. The developers are working their best, spending even holiday seasons, to put out updates for you guys and to say something like “stop breaking 5R” is disrespectful. If you aren’t thankful please go find yourself another online community. Also, Windows 7 is how old? Almost 8 years old. I get it you might not like Windows 8 but Windows 10 is basically Windows 7 but with better features. You had pretty much one year to upgrade to Windows 10 for FREE. I took that offer as I knew Windows 7 wasn’t going to be getting supported for much longer from a lot of products. Please stop disrespecting the developers. If you have found a bug or need help post in the Support section with the form rather than complaining.

Was wondering if there is a save file route built into 5RB for me to put my gameconfig.xml

The single player path is GTA V/mods/update/update.rpf/common/data


yea dude place it here \citizen\common\data

@Boss Now I get this error when launching fivereborn i never gotten this before I tried reinstalling fivereborn and that didn’t work

@Stvbdkd its because of native trainer or menyo in plugins. I repaired this that way.