Question about adding new hairstyles (?)

Hello, I’m starting to say that I’m approaching with this world recently.

I have a little server test 0/5 players where me and my friends we’re starting to know the mechanics.

Let’s talk about add-on hairstyles.

Right now in the server I’m replacing the base game hairstyles with the customs one.

I want learn how to add hairstyles, not replace the base game hairs.

Someone can explain how you do that in your server?

Really appreciate the help, thank you:)

Use this.

FYI: You will need a Element Club Subscription from FiveM’s patreon. Cheapest is $15 per month.

thank you so much, really appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

Although the thread shared above contains important information about streaming hairstyles, etc. it only discusses replacements, as far as I am aware. Since you specifically asked about addons and not replacements, then here are 2 more links.

This first link has been a useful tool that I have started using, to move my replacement clothing and props to addons, instead. I can confirm that it works perfectly for clothing, as I have tested this. I have not YET done hairstyles. I imagine it works just fine though.

This second link I came across with a quick search in these forums, when looking for the above link for you. My advice to you is to make use of the search function. Most of us don’t have links handy, so if your question has been answered before, we search, find it and link you. This can be done yourself, so please try searching before asking. But here is another method to streaming addon clothing and props. I have not yet tried this method.

Thank you man, you saved me :slight_smile:

Easy! Glad I could help. Please mark the response above as a solution so this thread can be considered solved and others can benefit from it too! :spades: