[QBCore/ESX] Warehouse job | 2 in 1 | Forklift and GoPostal packing

You can choose one from two jobs at one time.

Blip on map: Warehouse


  • Spawns trailer with 3-8 palletes
  • Your task is to move packages into greenzones using forklift (CTRL/SHIFT)
  • You can customize paycheck for each package in config

GoPostal packing:

  • Spawns GoPostal truck and 4-10 packages
  • You can chose them up using raycast (`/~ button) and pickup (E)
  • Move them onto truck
  • And park vehicle on random position in docks
  • Paycheck and positions are customizable in config

For both jobs you can add your props in config

Preview: QBCore 2 in 1 Warehouse Jobs - YouTube

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@EDIT 12/04/2021
ESX Available: https://made-by-mfy.tebex.io/package/4816572 $8.99

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When you make that ESX version. Let me know. From what im reading and seeing it looks cool.

@Gallonman20 ESX Avaible Sir!

Hi the job have any encryption or escrow ?

None of my scripts are not locked with ip or obfuscation. You buy my script, you get source code. @sHOW1