[QBCore/ESX] tow truck with towing option

Easy for use, made for roleplay script.

  • movable ramps
  • configured radial menu
  • towed vehicle locked on flatbed

UPDATE 18.10.2021

  • Created an ESX version

Preview: Mfy_Flatbed
Tebex: https://made-by-mfy.tebex.io/package/4727099


works with other models too ?

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To use ramps you have to use car named ‘flatbed’. You can tow any vehicle. Even helicopter but have in mind to make a condition statement to place it properly. Write me dm i will show you how it looks.

so when my Vehicle name is other it dont work or can i rewrite it?

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you can easliy rename it but you should edit ramp placement offset too. I can help you with that.

you make some esx version?

As i said i will help you to convert this script for your server

ok thanks, i check it up :slight_smile:

Can you convert this to standalone? I’m not on ESX, or QBCore.

No problem. Sir.

You’re a god.

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nice one