A collective script containing multiple police actions.


  • Police / Ems notification system (dispatch)
  • /311 and /911 notification system
  • Towing a vehicle with the Target system
  • Query license plate with target system
  • Special armory for police vehicles (TARGET)
  • Calling a police vehicles with the /psv command
  • Vehicle repair around departments with /pfix command for cops

Details in video

To send notification you should use :

  • exports[“wert-policesystem”]:alert(job, code, title)
  • TriggerEvent(‘wert-policesystem:send-notif’, job, code, title)


  • No escrow (All codes open)
  • Custom UI
  • Easily customizable
  • Low resmon value
  • Easy editing via Config.lua
  • Highly optimized
  • Full sync
  • Easy Translate File
  • Easy used
  • Open codes
  • Target system




  • English



  • 0.00 - 0.01 (in video for detail)

Price : 10.99€ + (Some region tax)


  • Added ESX version.

My other scripts :


Good job bro , ı wish you continued success.

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That looks sick. Are the alerts already configured?

You can edit it the way you want.
You can trigger any script you want using this export, exports[“wert-policesystem”]:alert(job, code, title).
The codes in the script are open, I do not use escrow.

Did you mean these?

Oh I was just wondering if I could just plug and play your script on my server or do I need to manually trigger it in my scripts? :slight_smile:

After adding it, the only code you need to write to the script you want to send the alert is:
exports[“wert-policesystem”]:alert(“police”, “your-code”, “Example title”)

Thanks man, sounds fantastic

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Works great man thanks for the support too! :slight_smile:

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