Here is a jewelry store heist script that might be suitable for your server.


  • Advanced broken glass object system
  • Reward by weapon type
  • Hack and alarm system
  • Low resmon value
  • Easy editing via Config.lua
  • Highly optimized
  • Full sync
  • Easy Translate File
  • Easy used
  • Open codes
  • Target system




  • English



  • 0.00 - 0.01 (in video for detail)

Price : 12€ + (Some region tax)

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This script looks really clean. What does it mean by "Reward by weapon type’?

This script so beatifual and useful.Reward by weapon type exapmle is : if ped uses assault rifle to break the glass, will receive higher value rewards.But if ped uses pistol to break the glass, will receive lower valuer rewards and different items.

Example :
Assault rifle rewards : 10 Goldbar + 10 Jewelry + 10 Earring + 10 Chain
Pistol rewards : 3 earring + 3 Chain

this still available ? the tebex is not working

Hello my friend, I will update links soon

Links updated.

where can we sell the jewellery after robbery? also can i set police alert ?

Of course, you can install the police alarm script you use, but the sales function is not included in the script. You can add new codes into the script if you want.