[QB-ESX] AV Gangs with Laptop UI

Preview: AV Gangs [ESX and QBCore] - YouTube
Buy here: https://av-scripts.tebex.io/package/5486137
Docs: AV Gangs - AV Scripts


  • Compatible with ESX and QBCore frameworks.

  • Compatible with qb-inventory, ox_inventory, lj_inventory and quasar-inventory.

  • Admins can create gangs, remove members or wipe a full gang in game.

  • Gangs can earn XP when using their graffiti in the City.

  • Gang NPC will spawn inside the gang zone.

  • You have multiple exports and events to add/retrieve gang XP and use it in your own scripts: unlock better items, vehicles or even heists to gangs with high level.

  • Gangs can use 1 spray and 1 spray remover per server restart.

  • Gang members will receive a notification if a rival gang is trying to remove their graffiti.

  • The gang management is handled thru a laptop UI which is included.

  • There’s also a video tutorial where you can learn how to add custom graffitis.

This script is also part of my AV Laptop Pack which includes 8 different Apps.

This bundle is only for AV Laptop and AV Gangs scripts, all other Apps are not available in this package.

Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +2000
Requirements ox_lib, oxmysql
Support Yes

Do us buyers of the first Av_Graffiti get a discount? :grin:

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Open source or make the framework function accessible so we can make it standalone?

All framework functions are open

Sure, I’ll make an announcement in the dscord about it couldn’t make it earlier cause I was falling asleep :sleeping:

So its good to make standalone?

It can work fully standalone if you replace the CreateUseableItem functions for a command and the GetIdentifier function too, none of the framework functions are encrypted

Eh only eligble for discount if you claimed the discord role, damn …

That’s why u should always join creators dscords :slight_smile:

Appreciate the free upgrade to existing AV-Graffiti owners.

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Kinda sucks gatekeeping like that though. I’m always at max discord servers, I don’t want to be in a million fivem discords