[PAID][Standalone] Gamemode Nightmare Phase Beta (Zombies)

If you are a fan and like zombie games, you will like this new gamemode for RedM, Nightmare presents a post apocalyptic world where your only and main objective is to survive.

This script is still in its Beta phase, it was tested on servers with a lot of players and it proved to be very stable

Download & Payment

Nightmare Script | (tebex.io) $60.00 for $40.00


What does this version offer?

  • The NPCs attack you and your friends, they are sometimes not inteligent.
  • Zombies follow you and climb to the rooftops, and change targets from time to time.
  • You can choose whether you want zombies to climb roofs and ladders behind a player.
  • The detections of the zombies are realized, if you run, shoot, walk or crouch. (You can choose the time and frequency that this happens, by default it also does a luck check for this to happen.)
  • Working with Standalone, Redem, VORP and OneSync non OneSync
  • You can choose whether you want the weather with a halloween content to be enabled, so sometimes the sky turns red
  • Safezone available for you to configure wherever you want. Inside the safezone the zombies are not spawned, but it can still happen to enter the safezone.
    I will implement NPCs that will stand guard in the safezone to prevent zombies from entering, they will kill them
  • When zombies are killed, they drop loot that you can configure, which items and even their drop luck

How does zombie spawn work?

  • After days of developing this, I managed to develop something that looks nice, but it’s still not in its final form…
    The server receives an event from the entities that are created, and after that I replace this model with the zombie model.
    The spawn coordinates are standard coordinates of Red Dead itself.

  • If you are creating a specific NPC to work as a Seller or Dealer, you must put him in the spawn allowlist, otherwise the script server will replace the model with a zombie. (same thing works for animal spawn)

Future planning

  • I’m planning to add a balloon DROP system, which spawns randomly on the map, so players just go to the balloon to pick up the items when it falls to the ground.
  • I’ll add random spawn as a Ghost Train easter egg, appearing at specific locations and times
  • Scoreboard containing the total number of zombies killed and the number of days the player survived


This script may contain instability and bugs, be aware of that.
In case of any bug we will be available to correct and assist you in the configuration and installation.




[Release] [RedEM: RP] Stable System

[PAID] [RELEASE] [RedEM:RP] - Inventory System 1.0 by KlandesTino

Code is accessible Little bit accessible
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 2900 +
Requirements PolyZone script
Support Yes
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Goooood luck, the instability of the game npc is verry hard :wink:

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Thanks dude, I had a lot of problems with this at first, but I’ve solve many of the problems that happened with the npcs

I’ll open a server test soon

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40$ now and 60$ normally? Jesus what did you smoke my guy? That’s literally the price of the game for a script. I bet you won’t even get access to the source code but correct me if im wrong on that. Also why do the zombies have a fight animation yet modders in gta 5 were able to make proper zombies without that and for FREE on top of that. Make it free or give access to the source code if it is purchased and lower the price to 5$ to max. 10$

I think it funny people like you who do absolutely nothing to the community and still try to price the work of others. I made the script, I know how much it’s worth, if you’re not satisfied, just don’t buy it ;]

Why don’t you just do it, even if you’re so smart? :poop:

i am literally a developer myself with quite a few projects which are all published for free because i care about the user and the community while being open source but oh well seems like i did nothing. Now this is literally an overprices scam at this point since it is a script you can get the same mod for free from nexus so this is probably a mod that either copies parts of it or at the least is heavily inspired on it with a few other mods like the GTA V Zombie mod. Also about the price part i gave you a reasonable price if you want to make it paid. I believe in that mods should be free while allowing donations to keep the mod going with development. I also like how you did not consider any of the open source parts i added which shows me this is closed source so once your ego climbs down from the mountain its sitting upon the mod will die and the user is fucked.

I never stated I’m smart or smarter than he is. I said that it is a joke what he asks for and what we get for it

I’m sorry, but you’re mixing things up here.

Comparing the resource price with the price of a game doesn’t make sense.

When scrolling through the FiveM/RedM release section, you usually have a mindset of a server owner/developer looking in the Unity Asset Store or the Unreal Marketplace for something to use on your server.

Something that will add value to your product aka server and possibly give you a financial return.

Applying a player perspective here is kinda out of place, in my opinion.

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Amazing if you share open source, I’ve already shared many things in open source, and whenever I can I do.

And once again you talking shit without knowing it.

But if you’re so concerned about open source codes, why instead of staying here complaining, don’t you copy the NEXUS code you’re saying and make a open source script and publish here?

Anyway, I will not continue this subject…

Is this for QBcore or FX?

Sorry for the stupid question, new RedM server development. I see that this resource will work with the framework we are using.

That’s pretty standard for the price of Scripts in RedM. Some stable scripts are going for $80-100 and even small QoL scripts are $20-40.

Hello, this script is adaptable for any framework

Loot and luckybox doesn’t work on Vorp Framework

You need to create the item to your inventory

NIGHTMARE Update 0.2.5

fix[server/events.lua]: SCRIPT ERROR: Execution of native 00000000526fee31 in script host failed: Tried to access invalid entity: 141585

feat[ghost_train]: Added Ghost train that spawns at 00 hours in random locations defined in the config
feat[zombie_sound]: Added zombie sounds to make it more realistic and immersive

video update: NIGHTMARE UPDATE

le serveur c de la merde je suis en live et vous aller couler votre seveur de fils de pute $

Hey man i was trying to join the server and i assume its cause im not in the discord but you dont have a server link mind if i get help accessing the server?