Blackjack inspired by the original Red Dead game. This is the best blackjack resource you will find. The player will have 3 table options. Rhodes, Blackwater and Van Horn.

The limit of each table is 4 players, where they can bet the amount they think is best, and play by choosing their best actions to defeat the Dealer.

Dealing of cards is a total RANDOM, there is no possibility of scam for the dealer in the game.


You will receive and be able to download all released updates.


We did everything to make sure that the blackjack is working properly. In case of any bug we will be available to correct and assist you in the configuration and installation.


NXT Studio | Blackjack Script (tebex.io) $120.00 for $85.00


Code is accessible No
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) +4200
Requirements N/A
Support Yes
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This looks amazing!

I noticed it says custom along with the other frameworks. Any plans for this to be QB compatible?

Thanks dude, the script works with any framework

Its simple to use
Just add function to get money, add and remove

Have config_server.lua to customize with your framework

Your sitting on a gold mine with this one, people been looking for a multiplayer blackjack for years. You are going to be rich from this lol

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Is it possible to add or edit the locations?

Do you have to have 4 players for the game to even start? Also the language at the bottom is not EN even if its set to EN in the config.

It is also claiming there is an update but the manifest on the one I just downloaded is still 1.0.0.

Do you can join on my dis cord, I can help you more fast

For now only the 3 standard game tables

I just uploaded the update to fix this issue.

Sitting in support.

Open a ticket

Thank you for the fast support!

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The resource looks great,

Can you post a resource usage time idle (away from the table) & active (sitting and participating)?

of course


Game idle

Game waiting for players


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Hi now i buy your script blackjack and can i config range of closestBlackjackPosition and closestChair when near table ?

I believe you have been answered on dis cord

this script works except for some bugs with mini-map, some servers are having problems where the map never comes back, this has been on redemrp and vorp. Also been sitting in a support ticket for almost 2 weeks, with no information if this mini-map issue is getting fixed or what could be causing it. Spent alot of money on this, and cant even use it due to the minimap never coming back if ppl go near table and leave the saloons. And you offer no refunds either.

Hi, how are you? Thanks for your report, I just uploaded an update that fixes this compass issue.
Let me know if this fix fixed your problem

This fixed it, thanks klandestino

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