[PAID][STANDALONE] (Extras) Lighting (ELS Alternative)

Could anyone tell me what the msec for this is when idol & running please.

not sure how to find this but in my experience with it, players have seen better performance than ELS with higher frames and less lag

What an amacing thing bro !!!

hello is it possible to block the default sirens and light that start when the horn is pressed? thanks

Lighting and my other scripts (open versions) is now on a reduced price until the end of July. Any issues give me a shout :slight_smile:

@Fedest Ideally the sirens is controlled through WMSirens, but I can add support for this :slight_smile:

hi, yes, I also use WM Sirens, but in any case on my vehicles the problem remains that if I press the horn the classic sirens start with the vehicle’s basic emergency lights. While the sirens of WMSirens I control them from the numeric keypad. Thanks for answer

Is there plans for integrations to this specific resource?

Hoping to make it work with my sirensets

The AI is not affected by the siren / lighting any solution please ?

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Hey, nice Script!
Does it support NON ELS Vehicle?

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No plans at this time for integration with this script, if you were to get the open version it is pretty easy to pull out the other integration and put this one in its place.

@Forley are you using regular vehicles or extra vehicles.

@Nik-YT It’s primary purpose is for “ELS” vehicles as it uses vehicle extras to toggle the different lighting patterns.

thats a vehicle.meta isue