[PAID] [STANDALONE/ESX/QBCore] mZipties - The perfect zipties for FiveM

Looking for the perfect zipties for your FiveM server? Well maybe this could help you out! mZipties includes both sleek animations, nice props, amazing features and it works with both players and civilians! So if you need a hostage for your robbery, why not use the civilians standing around?
The zipties are also easily configurable using key mapping, so each player can select the key they prefer.

Keep in mind this asset IS NOT Escrow Protected.

Click me :slight_smile:


Toggle surrender / Obey > [action key]
Toggle blindfolds > [shift] + [action key]
Remove Zipties > [shift] + [ctrl] + [action key]

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If something isn’t working as intended feel free to contact me anytime. You can comment below, send me a private message or reach out to me on discord: Madsen#2407

Update (03/16/2022)
Made an item for blindfold in ESX and QBCore, the item is called “mblindfold” and can be toggled in the config.

Code accessible Yes
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) ~400
Requirements netvar (included), interpreter (included)
Support Yes

Can you add hand cuffs?


I am currently working on Handcuffs as well, with additional features! :wink:

Can you still use escort from gang menu or pd menu?

Depends, what framework are you using? Then I will check it for you

can you add put in vehicle?

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Do you need items first to be able to ziptie and bag?

Any chance to see the resmon of this while being used?

If you are running the ESX or QBCore version you will need the the item “mziptie”. If you are running the standalone simply use “/ziptie”

Hi, the “ms”, does flicker between 0.01 and 0.02ms, should be fine for most servers :wink:

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Currently not. But I can keep you updated if it gets implemented. :slight_smile:

if you add that the script would be 10/10

Esx 1.1

Everything is obfuscated. Doesn’t help those trying to increase immersion for their server.

What would you like changed to increase immersion? Perhaps I can add the feature. :slight_smile:

make it possible to get in/out of the car

Thinking about having it open-source so people can edit and change to suit their servers needs - maybe a tool to remove the item? Knowing the events so I can set it to work with qb-target or even my radial menu.

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i cant get it to work i have mziptie in my db i use esx Legacy i bought the standalone i get these errors

Make sure you are running the Netvar dependency before you are starting mZipties :grinning:.