[PAID][Release] Weapon Sling Script

Hey guys,

What I’d like to show you today is a script I have seen a lots of interest in that I’ve managed to build over course of weeks for my community.



  • Fully customizable attachments, vests and coordinates (Customizable via Config file)
  • Works with vanilla + Mk2 and addon weapons (Customizable via Config file)
  • Included Persistent Weapons script with bypass (Customizable via Config file)
  • Preserves and shows all attachments and ammo
  • Works with MP Peds

Weapon Sling

Allows you to sling your weapon on front and on back with customizable command, and weapon list.

Persistent Weapons

Requires user to first unrack their weapon from emergency vehicle and disallows putting it away until racked again(can sling it to use other weapon or free their hands). Can be disabled through config file command for civilian RP purposes.

Purchase of this resource also includes all future updates and bugfixes, as well as resource-based support. Upon purchase, please reach me on Discord → Sting#0100 so I will be able to notify you of updates.

Tebex Store link:
(After purchase, you will receive an e-mail with download link.)

If you ask why it is priced the way it is: It required a lot of time put into researching, testing and learning to make the script. Time I do not really have, working full time in travelling position. If you would like to have anything working like this for cheaper, either find it or make your own.


Aint it just this…? [Release] Weapon Sling Script [Networked][Free][Standalone]


Hey would love to see a preview especially for the price it is. Good work though!

No clue, I was last searching for script of this form around 6 weeks ago.

All code is written from scratch and, in regard to other one, acommodates all weapons and is fully customizable where the other one is just hardcoded

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Thanks for kind words. What form of preview would you like to see? I’m kinda new to whole releasing and especially selling things XD

Any type of video previewing the script :wink:

Or even a voice over of you explaining the script in a video works too :wink:

Okay, added the preview, hope it clears things!

I will say, it’s a good modification you’ve written; and I’m sure people will be interested in it as was I; however the $30 (inc Tebex fee’s) selling mark puts me right off. I’m not here to tell you you’re wrong however, I would suggest you reconsider the price; whilst I get the fact you’ve done research, learning etc. There’s a lot of servers out there who won’t be able to justify spending $30 on one modification.

If you lower the price; you’ll have a better time selling the product; getting your name out there and one day being able to release a modification that can be sold for $30.

Again, only a suggestion and from what I’ve seen with previous developers.


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If you look at both scripts, you can see it obviously isn’t.
This script has all attachments saved and fully synced. The other one isn’t. And this script is 100% adjustable through an easy config file, nothing hard-coded.

Removed discord link, OP please review releases rules.

Is this script encrypted at all?

No. It is abiding by FiveM and Tebex TOS

I’ve worked with the script you referring to and it is configurable. Maybe not as easy as this one but to me, that’s not a good reason for a $25 difference.

Nice script bro I bought it and working pretty well, nice looking script for police or even gang members…

is bean bag included?


BeanBag is not included as it is not my resource. I added this option to acommodate one we use which replaces Sawn-Off Shotgun. If you would like to change the weapon from Sawn-Off to one that is replaced by your BeanBag after purchase, I’ll be glad to help you!

There’s a chance that it might be this one, with added taser mechanics through some other resource:
Bean Bag Shotgun [Replace | Tints] 1.2

A really kind person who doesn’t hesitate to help you. He is accessible and took the time. I recommend the person without problem.

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Nice, I’ll probably end up buying it once I get the money but anyways good work!