[PAID][Release] Weapon Sling Script

Does this work with onesync?

Just great ! <3

Verry good job !

Thanks for kind words <3

Keep in mind that default corrdinates for vests were adjusted for our own vests and you might want to fiddle around with them on your own to get the best placement!

Yes, fully networked incl. attachments

Yes, it’s ok for me !

You script is perfect <3

Hey thanks for the script! It’s awesome. The only thing is I don’t understand how I get the ID’s of server-specific vests and then add them to the config. If you could explain how to do it with a little more detail I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

Hey Guys,

Just a small heads up.

As I’m currently deployed on project abroad, response times may vary heavily both due to my work times and jank internet over here. I’ll do my best to respond to all DM’s but you might need a bit of patience.

Thanks <3

Worth every penny. Script its self is brilliant and did everything I needed it to however I wanted it to integrate with another script on our server. Sting replied quickly on Discord and made these changes for free which was great. He even went the extra mile to test it with me in a call. Would definitely recommend this one.

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Is this for onesync only? Because I’ve used a few free ones and they didn’t work at all for me.

We have lately had it on server with OneSync off as we are resolving some issues and did not get any negative response from community nor have seen any issues ourselves