[Paid Release] Chezza's Inventory [ESX]

How do I get this to work with shops exactly?

I’ve installed this and the GUI is still default…

Any ideas? :slight_smile:

How to configure Inventory for Jobs?

Bought the Inventory but cant buy nothing at a shop. Cannot add inventory to the shop either. How do I input that into the database?

does this work with esx legacy?

I transfer my item to max in player inventory (7 stone)
I put it in trunk inventory so i give more 7 stone again
Put it one more time to trunk inventory so I give all back to player inventory !!
It working!! I think it error from “draw plugin”
Wish you fix it !! Thank you so much !!
Your script go great !!

yes it does

Look really clean, you should delete “use” button and be able to use the item by left cliking it only. Will be much simple.

Replace OpenShopMenu function in your esx_shop/client/main.lua with this:

function OpenShopMenu(zone)
    local items = {}
    for i=1, #Config.Zones[zone].Items, 1 do
        local item = Config.Zones[zone].Items[i]
        table.insert(items, {
            type = item.type,
            name = item.name,
            price = item.price
        TriggerEvent('inventory:openShop', tostring(zone), 'Shop', items)

Example: esx_shop/config.lua Note: Default label has been changed to type

        Items = {
                 name = "bread",
                 type = "item",
                 price = 100
                name = "WEAPON_PISTOL",
                type = "weapon",
                price = 100

This should get you started.

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Will item descriptions be returning? :thinking:

I back this! would love that!

Having the same issue, did you fix this? I did the code update BlueTheHusky suggested, I can’t open the shop window etc now…?

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I disabled the F2 esx inventory and it still doesn’t show the bag and the press “E” text to pickup. its just a white arrow.