[Paid Release] Chezza's Inventory [ESX]

I think stashes and shops (like armory etc) then it would be a very nice alternative to all the other stuff like inventoryhud.

Love the script, does it have the option for admins/mods to check players inventories to see if they’re up to no good? (spawning in items they shouldn’t be, for example)

Yes, you can do “/inv ID” as an admin/mod to check players inventories.

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Is there a way i cant make it where double click to use item?
for things arent on hotbars having to click the item then use then click the item again then use. Double click would be a game changer

I am searching for the limit system?! Didnt see anything? Because in Inventory there is no Limit built in…
As well i dont see any Trunk feature for weight? :frowning:

So i got i probleme somtime when i open trunk alot it bugs out and wont let me open trunk on any car until i restart game any idea no errors at all.