[PAID] RAHE Boombox System [ESX / QB / Standalone]



A full location-based music system for your server. Includes everything that we think that a music system would need - carrying the boombox with you, attaching the boombox to a vehicle, queueing music, music history, permanent boomboxes, public boomboxes, admin system and configurable logging.

What differs us from other music playing scripts is the fact that we have a lot of extra functionality which others don’t. Also, all of our scripts are tested by hundreds of players before release. We run a roleplay server where everything gets ‘tested’ for weeks by hundreds of players before being released to Tebex.

This means that you will receive a high-quality, performance optimized and a proven script that’s loved by players. When you run into any issues, our support is more than welcome to assist you in our Discord server.


Our boombox system has become an inseparable part of our players daily activities. With tens of thousands of unique songs played, you can be certain that our boombox system will enrich the experience on your server.

The boombox system is especially advantageous when you need to create immersive scenarios. These can be house parties, beach festivals, weddings, car meets and the like - you get a totally new feeling to them. By playing ambient music, you can set the mood for any activity you can think of. Players blasting music through their crackly microphones or third party applications is history.

This resource can be modified to work with any framework through the provided API, or work as standalone. As little as possible is protected with the asset escrow system. Also, the design can be modified in any way you want and extensive configuration options are provided. If you find something that isn’t configurable we are able to add it in a future update.


  • Playing music

Players often find themselves in situations where music could dramatically improve immersion. This was also the reason for developing this system. This script makes it possible and much more.

In addition to just playing Youtube music from the boombox, you can also choose the music volume / range and change them later on. The music will play from the created entity and anyone near will hear it.

  • Different models

You can easily add new models for boomboxes through the configuration options provided. A different max range and volume can be configured for every model. So a simple boombox could have a small range, and a proper club speaker a much longer range. All up to you and easy to configure.

  • Carrying (on person / in vehicle)

With this resource you are able to carry the boombox with you everywhere you go. The model will be attached to your character and the music will follow. You can also attach the boombox to a vehicle so the music will follow the vehicle instead of your character.

  • Queue

You have probably seen this on Spotify a long time ago. If you don’t want to hear a moment of silence after each song ends - we have fully functional music queue. Just queue up your favourite songs and the music will play smoothly - the script handles everything for you.

You can also see the which songs are in queue and if necessary - play them instantly. Also, when listening the music with other people, you can make the boombox public so other people can use the queue system as well.

  • Permanent / temporary entity

By default every boombox is temporary. This means that if you place one down and don’t pick it back up, it will stay there until you disconnect or the server restarts. If you want your boombox to stay there forever (or until it is picked up) - you can mark your boombox as permanent.

This is very useful since in RP servers you could want it so that not everyone has access to the boombox system. We also wanted people to have a few locations (nightclubs etc) where they can always chill and listen to music - so we added a few permanent public boomboxes to these locations.

  • Public / private access

By default if you place down a boombox, only you can interact with it. This is to prevent other people from messing with your music. If you want to let other people change the songs, volume, range or queue music - you can easily mark the boombox as public.

  • Music history

This resource saves all of your played songs. In case you don’t feel like searching for an URL of your favourite song, you can easily play it from the music history.

  • Logging

To prevent people from abusing the system we have a fully configurable logging system. Just insert your Discord webhook URL and the system will log everything for you. Monitoring trolls has never been so convenient. You can easily select and toggle whatever you wish to be logged.

  • Admin tools

Sometimes people try to abuse the system. To prevent that, you can easily define selected admins in the config. Admins have full access to do anything with all the boomboxes. If a troll decides to play an inappropriate song - no problem. Our logging system will give you an exact location of the boombox and an admin can easily delete the boombox and deal with the problematic person.

You will also have access to a clean admin panel which displays location of every active boombox along with other helpful info and actions.

Resmon (idle / active): 0.00ms IDLE, up to 0.04ms when holding a boombox


  • oxmysql
  • ox_lib
  • xsound

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It is recommended you have basic scripting knowledge. While the resource works out of the box, some integration is suggested to use the full potential of this system.

This resource uses the Asset Escrow system provided by FiveM. However, many parts of the code are unencrypted. This allows this resource to be modified to work with any framework you wish. Also, the design is fully editable.

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Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 3300
Requirements oxmysql, ox_lib, xsound
Support Yes

This looks really good, but when I saw that you could add models to the list I imagined it would be that you could choose in game models that would let you play music, not make them spawnable. Would you consider adding this to the functions?

Does this require an item to use?

looks like a well known free script
wasabi boombox :laughing:

Add support for high_3dsounds plz :pray:

Sorry, but probably not. We understand the idea and like it, but unfortunately this script was not designed to work this way. Although you can place some boomboxes around the map & mark them as public and permanent. This would assure that players would always have specific places to hang out and listen to some music.

It can be made to work with a command or an item.

Thanks for your comment, but the similarity only comes from the fact that we both are using ox_lib for styling. We’ve made this from scratch, and if you were to look at the scripts closer, you could see that we offer a lot more functionality (admin panel, queue, logging, access, persistance, vehicle support and much more).

Yes, we are planning to support it in a future update.

Understood and fair point :+1: