[PAID][QBCore] Penitentiary

:spiral_notepad: Description

Introducing my latest creation - a comprehensive penitentiary script for FiveM that’s sure to enhance your roleplaying experience. With a variety of job features and additional functionalities, this script has been designed to make your time in prison more interesting and engaging.

Some of the key features of this script include the addition of a Department of Correction job, complete with duty system, wardrobe, boss menu, armory, garage, commands, prison alarm, and security cameras. These job features are essential for a realistic prison roleplay experience.

But that’s not all - this penitentiary script comes with other exciting features like a slushy machine, prison shop, hidden stashes, prisoner clothing, photoshoot, spawn animation, tasks for electrician and cleaner roles with rewards, crafting, commands, and even a prison break feature. All of these elements are highly configurable and easy to use.

In addition to providing a fully optimized script, my penitentiary script is designed to replace the popular qb-prison script, offering a seamless transition and easy integration into your server. Whether you’re a fan of prison roleplay or looking to add some exciting new features to your FiveM server, this script is the perfect addition to enhance your gameplay.

:video_camera: Preview

:bookmark_tabs: Job features

  • Adds a Department of Correction job.
  • Duty System
  • Wardrobe
  • Boss Menu
  • Armory
  • Garage
  • Commands
  • Prison Alarm
  • Security Cameras

:bookmark_tabs: Other features

  • Slushy Machine
  • Prison Shop
  • Hidden Stashes
  • Prisoner Clothing
  • Photoshoot
  • Spawn Animation
  • Tasks (Electician & Cleaner)
  • Rewards for tasks
  • Crafting
  • Prison Break
  • Optimized
  • Highly Configurable
  • Easy to use
  • Replaces qb-prison

:lock: Dependencies

  • Framework: QBCore
  • Inventory: qb-inventory
  • Target: qb-target
  • Menu: qb-menu
  • Bossmenu: qb-management or qb-bossmenu
  • Doorlock: qb-doorlock or ox_doorlock
  • Clothing: qb-clothing or illenium-appearance
  • Fuel: LegacyFuel, lj-fuel, ps-fuel or cdn-fuel
  • Minigame: ps-ui
  • Map: Gabz MLO | Prison

:shopping_cart: How to get it

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Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) ~2700
Requirements qb-core, qb-target, qb-menu, qb-inventory, qb-management or qb-bossmenu, qb-doorlock or ox_doorlock, qb-clothing or illenium-appearance, LegacyFuel, lj-fuel, ps-fuel or cdn-fuel and ps-ui
Support Yes

Great job! Really really nice

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Update v1.0.3:

• Added qs-inventory support
• Added ls-inventory support
• Added more settings in the config
• Added version checker (So you’ll know, if your version is outdated).
• Added a function file, that gives you access to add or change notifications as of right now (More features might be added to this file later on)
• Updated the readme file
• Optimized the code
• Fixed some bugs