[PAID][QBCore/ESX] Goldfever

:spiral_notepad: Description

Introducing GoldFever, a dynamic FiveM script, bringing the immersive experience of gold panning to your server. Embark on a lucrative adventure, from mining gold in rivers, breaking down gravel to yield precious nuggets, and melting it into valuable ingots.

Craft exquisite rings and necklaces and turn your effort into profit by selling the finished jewels. Fully compatible with OX, QBCore, ESX, and utilizing Targets for an optimized interaction system, GoldFever offers a unique, enriching, and rewarding addition to your RP experience. Unleash your inner goldsmith with GoldFever!

This post is a re-release of our GoldFever Script. The reason for this release is due to the major update it has been received, where new features has been added and more.

:video_camera: Preview

:bookmark_tabs: Features

  • Gold panning for gold in a river
  • Break down the gravel and get gold
  • Melt the gold into ingots
  • Make gold rings from the ingots
  • Make gold neckless’ from the gold ingot
  • Sell the gold jewels for profit
  • OX Ready
  • QBCore Ready
  • ESX Ready
  • Using Targets
  • Optimized

:lock: Dependencies

  • Frameworks: QBCore / ESX
  • Inventory: qb-inventory / ox_inventory / ls-inventoryhud / qs-inventory
  • Map: Default GTA 5 Map
  • Target: qb-target / ox_target
  • Contect: qb-menu & qb-input / ox_lib

:shopping_cart: How to get it

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Other resources

:chains: Links

Code is accessible Partially
Subscription-based No - (But you can get it in a subscription package)
Lines (approximately) ~1200
Requirements Look in dependencies above
Support Yes

Give credits for the idea or the script you copy from. @m-Scripts
At least you bought it to copy.

It’s not the first time he’s copied ideas from others, the same locations, the same item names, among other things.

Can I see the transaction id ?

  • Pretty sure I haven’t bought that script.

And another thing. This is a re-release of an old script, that was requested to be updated to ox and esx.

No code has been taken from that script, inspiration from default mining scripts as well as his goldpanning has been taken.

Oh sorry, was other scripts… I was more worried if it was someone impersonating you…
“astudios_by_aqade” or “astudios_development”.
I wish you the best! Bye

What happened to the preview