[PAID] [QBCore & ESX] 3Core Statuettes Collection

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  • Responsive & Detailed UI
  • Cool & Fun Activity
  • 2 Types Of Statuettes
  • Duplicates
  • Check Your Friends Progress
  • Find All The Available Statuettes And Get Rewards
  • Detailed Config
  • Low Resmon


Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 500
Requirements None
Support Yes


Keep making grand inspired scripts.

Is it possible to set up the rewards received after collecting them, such as items, money?

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Is there a way to trade this collection to someone so players can trade their books/collection packs or even individual statues?

can someone give a look here please

Hey, yes you can.

Currently there is no trade system in the script. We are planning on adding it in the next update.