[PAID] [QBCORE] - Blackmarket Script ( Optimized, Many Features, Full and easy customization )

Hello guys,

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# Information

  1. [First-Step] - You need to go to life invader and hack the system. ( To hack the system need a VPN )
  2. [Second-Step] - After hacking the system, you need to go to the communications center to turn off all communications in the cities. (Fictitious)
  3. [Third-Step] - After turn off, they will receive an email informing them of the second step, which is to fetch/steal a boat.
  4. [Fourth-Step] - After stealing the boat, a blip will appear on the island which is where you have to go and talk to an NPC.
  5. [Fifht-Step ] - After talking to the NPC on the island he will deploy a large blip on the island with a possible location of the blackmarket and you have to find it.

# Config:






# About

  1. Optimized
  2. Many Features
  3. Full and easy customization
  4. Utilizes qb-target, qb-menu
  5. Utilizes the FiveM Tebex Escrow system

# Dependencies

# Skillbars

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Very cool script! Works 100%

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can this be configured without qb-target?

hey bro i dont know how to direct message you but i need help joining the mzansi serve

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hay @gichumz where do i go to get an interview

haz how can i get an interview

Hello @gchumz i was told to contact you i cant connect to mzanzi rp can i get ur dc ?

hello @gichumz how do i join the mzanzi rp server

i cant join your fivem server