[PAID][MLO] Mission Row Police Department

                          Mission Row Police Department

                                       Preview video





                               This package include:
  • Interior.
  • News exterior.
  • Doorlock text files.
  • Lift script
                               Interior Properties
  • Unlocked files :
    All 3Ds logos.

  • Audio occlusion for a reduction of exterior sound.

  • All customs door have a sound.

  • UV animation.

  • Inspired by COPSHOP movie.

                               Interior description
  • Lobby.
  • Openspace office.
  • 1 captain office, lieutnant & sergeant officer.
  • Archives.
  • 2 lockers.
  • 2 armury.
  • Evidence room.
  • 4 cells.
  • 2 interrogation rooms.
  • 1 mugshot rooms.
  • 1 lineup room.
  • 1 shootrange room.
  • 1 classroom.
  • Fleeca & shop for training area.
  • 1 mechanic garage.
  • Garage.
  • Infirmary.
  • Security room.
  • Trash room.
  • Briefing rooms.
                                  Location :

Los Santos :

Mission Row

                                   Price :

Price : 40€ without VAT.
File Size : 83 MB
Changelog 1.1

  • The doors close to the cell are now openeable smooth
  • Adding 2 ropes barriers in the stair
  • Fixing somes small col issue
  • Minor details

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Code is accessible No ( YTD/FEW YDR)
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) n/a
Requirements Last gamebuild
Support Yes

Congrats for your release Molo!


Thx my Brunx <3

I like it very much but, the logos on the map can be edited?

Thank’s everything is editable, 3D logos mesh, Interior textures and Exterior building and ground

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Perfect, thank you very much, I will take it into account when choosing the mapping, thank you!

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Is map using escrow protection? Is there any part of the map escrowed

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Hello i ve tell into the description what part of Map are unlocked
Ytd 3d logo and extérior are free

It’s nice to finally see a new MRPD on the market that actually looks good. Well done

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Thank’s for this reply

It’s very cool molo

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Hello, in the walkthrought video it feels like a bit laggy, is droppping much FPS?, you tested with how many people in the server?, btw looks great.

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You can try it into my servertest.
For fps with rtx 2060 with no graphic mods i turn around 80-120 FPS alone

hi, i bought this and was wondering if its possible to add barricades at the enterance similar to gabz pd i feel like its the only thing missing from this amazing map

Hello it’s not what i expect to do for fit to all. A lot of free ymap are available for it :slight_smile: Thanks a lot !! :slight_smile:

Hello, looking very nice!
How are the occlusions for rooms ? I saw you did it for the exteriors but did you do it for all rooms ? That way using native audio we can’t hear other players on different floor ? That is something that is missing on gabz mrpd and I think is very curical

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Looks quite cool. If you ever do anything military related or on cayo perico then let me know and I will gladly buy it, but I sadly already have an MLO for MRPD.
I wish you luck in the future, because this looks absolutely beautiful.

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Thank’s for your force ! I ll let you know

cayo perico needs more it would be super cool if you did something for that. everyone else who does overcharges i saw a mechanic mlo for $100

Okey :slight_smile:
I never made a mod for 100$ for sure except a entire maps but i dont understand the overpricing lol

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