[PAID][MLO] Alcatraz island


  1. “Welcome to Los Santos, where a remarkable government structure resembling the White House stands tall, shrouded in intrigue and allure. This imposing edifice conceals numerous chambers, each holding untold stories waiting to be unraveled. Venture through its labyrinthine corridors, and uncover hidden areas concealed behind elegant doors. Moreover, at the heart of this grand structure, a proud courthouse stands, ready to dispense justice and unveil the deepest truths of this vibrant city. Get ready to delve into a world where politics and mystery intertwine, in a place begging to be explored and revealed…”

Preview: Alcatraz - YOUTUBE
Tebex Alcatraz -Tebex


  • The purchase process is done through Tebex, official partner of fivem, after the purchase you will have access to the files by connecting to keymaster in the Purchased assets tab, with the files in hand, start them.
  • We’re using the cfx team’s Asset Escrow, so you’ll have freedom to replace textures only.
  • Note that you need server version 4752 or above to use this resource.
  • molo modding are not responsible for purchases made with the wrong account.


  • Reception
  • Infirmary
  • Prison
  • Cantina
  • Shower
  • Cell
  • Outdoor
  • Laundry
  • Recycling area

Technical description :

  • Audio occlusion
  • Custom door with audio
  • Optimised
  • Realistic collision
  • Lot of customs props using Polycam app.
  • Size : 91 mb

Compatible with Rcore prison all-in-one system.

Tebex : prison all-in-one system
Preview : here

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| Code is accessible | No |
| Subscription-based | No |
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| Requirements | Last gamebuild |
| Support | Yes |


Omg so beautiful

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Thank’s a lot man

Any showcase server to see in game render ?

Sean Connery would be proud

For sure
Want to see it by yourself first? Type connect in your client F8 console or search for molo modding vanilla showroom in the server list.

Good job

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The video was top shelf, the map is top shelf!
Now to plan the escape!


“Imma take pleasure in guttin’ you. BOY!”


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was ready to buy b4 i even clicked the title. but sheeeshhh 70 bucks to steep for me, but if it goes on sale ill be all over it


Its $125 for me :frowning: in Canada
I am assuming though that he bought or found a model such as

and thats why? But not sure

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Is this from DayZ?

do you do custom order? i like islands and i have some ideas XD

I checked it on your test server. I really love the idea and it looks very nice but it feels a little bit unfinished. There are some model & mapping issues like this here:

Would definitely buy it in the future if you put a little bit more time into it :slight_smile:


Thanks for your Reply its gone to be fix


Great to hear that. Btw is it true that the ground (the island itself without interior) & textures are unlocked? I would like to make my own little ymap in Codewalker and thats only possible with a non-escrowed model of the island. I saw that you only locked your interior right? Would definitely buy it then :slight_smile:

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Yes textures are unlocked, but the custom model are lock

Ok because on tebex you wrote " All ymaps, 3D logos, exterior building, ground & textures are unlocked." So i thought the ground and exterior would be unlocked :smiley:

do you do custom orders man? i got some ideas with island stuff lol