BurgerShot Back to the future

                                     Preview video




                               This package include:
  • Interior.
  • News exterior.
  • Doorlock text files.
  • Lift script
                               Interior Properties
  • Custom door with sound
  • 80% customs models
  • RGB light
  • Realistic collision
                               Interior description

This interior includes:

  • Los santos burgershot
  • Sandy Shore burgersho
  • Drive thru
  • Terrasse
  • Restaurant
  • Lockers for employee
  • Restroom
  • Kitchen
                                  Location :
  • Los santos burgershot location : -818.094055, -798.5788, 21.6417866
  • Sandy Shore burgershot location : 1445.3136, 3564.41772, 37.40044
                                   Price :

File Size : 37 MB
Price : 39.60€

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| Support | Yes |


THIS IS WAY DOPE!! Can you use one location w/o the other?

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insane video

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nice release! Looks very good

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Yes, you can delete Los Santos or SandyShore :slight_smile:

Hi, showcase server not working ?

Hi, indeed for now

Not to be a debby downer, cuz the MLO looks amazing and is a cool take on it, but can I suggest you nuke that ugly ass vanilla wall around it, it makes no sense on how fast food joints are developed where they ensure the place can be seen from everywhere, makes it kinda look less professional for an MLO.

Also the count between the booths looks about 1 man wide, which will cause issues in an RP sense with people coming and going, could be less cramped looking in that area, hard to tell though.

Videos cool though!

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nice job

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is this compatible with gabz studio records?

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I guess yes :slight_smile:

i have the problem that the delorian in the mlo despwant when i stand in front of it.