[PAID][MLO] Alcatraz island

Hello my friend,
Thanks for your interessment but i don’t :frowning: im sorry

can i somehow make a suggestion for a project? lol

I like the map, however it’s like $121 here in Australia which is pretty high. I jumped on the test server to take a look at it, it’s pretty nice but there’s still a fair few ground issues such as the grass on one side of the prison sticking out in really weird shapes, i’m sure you’ll be fixing them soon though, other than that it’s a nice mlo and very unique just a little out of some people’s price range :blush:

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I keep getting an error when trying to connect

your show server connect //// its broken i would really like to see the mlo

I ve seen, server is undermaintenance due to thé provider. I do my best

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Server is now on

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thank you

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I’m sorry my friend i dont make custom ! :slight_smile:

Must say i looked at the MLO on the test server and its a great concept but it has way too many issues to be worth 70 euros. you can’t even get on 60% of the island because of weird collision placement, then where collisions should be, they’re not even aligned properly. i think you should put a bit more effort in to it for the price your trying to charge.

There is no collision issue on it.
Merry xmax.

yes there is, it was on your test server. carry on lying and the post will be flagged for poor quality and misinformation.

in fact i can go make a video now and post for everyone to see, or you can acknowledge the criticism and deal with it.

Wow you re rude :joy::joy:

Go make xmas with your family and leave good créator. :see_no_evil::grin:

I do love most of your work, but I agree with Kinncaid.

Molo, you basically took a premade 3D Model and added a few interiors - mostly using standard props. There are some things that don’t even make sense. For example, the visitation booths for inmates doesnt connect to the prison. So for roleplay purposes, if prisoners want to pretend to have visits, someone would need to walk or teleport them all the way from the back of the map and walk them through the front door of the lobby which is completely unrealistic.

There are doors that dont even work that you made no effort to edit or hide. Its very obvious you just made tweaks to a model and uploaded it. This is a cool idea, but it isnt worth $70. Im sorry

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Its ok i accept all good idea like you propose to me maybe i ll make some change in the future :grin:

No collision issues right? perfect map, perfect creator right? :rofl: you shouldn’t try to deceive people. as I said, it was a little criticism. learn from it

Hahaha all collision has been placed for block people its intentional😅 but ok for the cell is gone to be fixe i agree.