[PAID][MAP] Bridge Sandy - Paleto V2


  • 2.40+ miles of highway
  • Rest stop on the highway
  • Three exits/entrances from the highway
  • Night lighting, traffic signs and traffic lights
  • NPC Driving paths included, traffic of the existing streets is connected to the bridge
  • Free bridge blocking script included (download separately in script category)


Tebex store: https://nteamdev.tebex.io/
Showcase: https://youtu.be/y0hfm5iMnR0

What differs us from the rest is the fact that all of our scripts are tested by hundreds of players before release. We run a roleplay server where everything gets ‘tested’ for weeks before being relased to Tebex.

Code is accessible N/A
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) N/A
Requirements GameBuild 2699
Support Yes

Our Work:

Police Station
Vice Car Dealer
Mile High
Legion Square Extended
Custom Caffe Rooftop
Completed Alta Construction Site - Color Park
Bridge Sandy - Paleto
Fleeca Banks
Los Santos River
Mechanic / Vehicle Inspection CrusinCraftsmen

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[ESX]Job Dashboard
[ESX][QB-Core] Admin Panel


People really that lazy to drive from Great Ocean Highway or Route 68. Also that bridge would never be approved Chiliad Wilderness is state park so makes no sense for the bridge go through the pass and be over Cassidy Creek.


then dont buy it lul

so who ever paid for v1 he have to pay again for v2 that’s bullshit


Good thing game modding has always been about adapting the game however you see fit? What’s wrong with artistic creativity?

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They dont even respond to tickets m8 , not even a chance to contact them regarding something

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You are scammers, I bought v1 and now I have to buy v2? big shit!


Thank you very much for the information, I will not buy anything from him


everything i get from them is a crash in my server

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This is the point i made to them on day one of v1, they are greedy developers


yeah they do lmao they answer my tickets almost instantly it might be a YOU problem :rofl:

this is true v1 should get it for free

this is true v1 should get it for free!

You are one of their supp

im not even in their server anymore buddy idk what ur on about was never a support for them

I swear to god you people sound like babies. I have 3 of their ymaps and they work fine. Its definitely a YOU problem. Yall cant take a couple of hours or minutes to figure things out? Yes they upgraded to v2 and tou have to pay for it. They have to make money somehow right. Ungrateful bastards. Here’s a suggestion if you dont like a script don’t buy it.

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they worked hard, they must surely pay :grin:

Does anyone know how the bridge with the DNX Roads behaves regarding the exit in the northern part of the lake? I haven’t received any response on Discord for days and can’t open any tickets.

super hard :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: