[PAID] GFG Contract Killer (Hitman) [REVAMPED] [ESX] [OX] [QB] [STANDALONE]

GFG Contract Killer (Hitman) [REVAMPED]


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:bookmark_tabs: About

The GFG Contract Killer mission allows players to obtain a contract to eliminate a ped chosen from a list of potential targets defined in the config. The targets defined in the config are built to be as dynamic as possible so no matter how many times you do it, you’ll likely never get the exact same job. Creating targets is easy, following the format laid out in the config, allowing you to make your own targets as well as use the ones we have created for you.

:star: Features

  • Highly Configurable

  • High Replay-Ability

  • Dynamic Clients that have their own:

    • Location

    • Ped (random from a list).

    • Animation (random from a list).

  • Dynamic Targets that have their own:

    • Ped (random from a list).

    • Animation (random from a list).

    • Weapons (random from a list).

    • Guards (Random amount, ped models, and weapons).

    • Conditional Weapons (Players can use this weapon to take eliminate the target for higher payout.

    • Difficulty (Determines the base payout).

    • Random “Dead Drop” locations that have the players payout.

:hammer_and_wrench: Compatibility

Supports ox_inventory or qb-core or custom freamworks, more info in our docs.

:page_facing_up: Docs


:shopping_cart: Purchase

TEBEX $25.00 USD

:busts_in_silhouette: Expansion Packs

TEBEX $0.45 - $10.00 USD

GFG Contract Killer offers multiple expansion packs consisting of up to 112 pre-made target sets to save you time when creating more targets. The expansion packs include lore-accurate target sets to ensure continuity for your players, and have been left completely unlocked so you may edit and configure them as you please.



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Lines (approximately) ~ 1,487
Requirements Yes
Support Yes
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Edit: to the devs credit they’ve been pretty responsive about the below issues and seem to be adding more targets/the additional info for items, etc to the next update. Nice to see :slight_smile:

Removed issues as devs quickly fixed

Hello, Thanks for the feedback!
We have just pushed an update that tackles some of these.

  • The timer has been fixed to be more accurate.
  • Inventory item image and code (for OX and QB) has now been included.
  • We have added 5 more targets to the config.

More about the update can be seen HERE.

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