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Sloth SpeedCam is a script with which you can place speed cameras at any position. The players are automatically caught by the speed radar at this point if they exceed their speed.


  • Add speed camera wherever you want
  • Set custom speed limits for every single speed camera
  • All speed cameras are synchronized by the server
  • Visual effect with sound when you get caught by a speed camera*
  • Blip on the map when you get caught by a speed camera*
  • Automatic invoice (Requires esx_billing)*
  • Invoice owner or driver*
  • Detailed instructions for integrating in esx_policejob
  • Save the speedcams in the database*
  • New: move and rotate the speedcam before you place it
  • Whitelist all emergency vehicles or custom vehicles*
  • No IP-Lock and No Obfuscation

*Can be changed in the config


This script is currently available in English and German. More languages can easily be added. Instructions for this can be found in the readme.
You can also change the prop, the fine, the speed unit and much more in the config.


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QBCore Version here


looks more like a permanent setup then something you would setup from your car.
would be better having them automatically set up at certain points around the map

I agree, if we could possibly have an option to place/remove these and save to database at least so it saves would be very nice. (if it doesn’t already do that) other than that, nice script :slight_smile:

thank you for your suggestion. I have made a note of this and will publish it for the next update.

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You can always change the prop, i like being able to setup my speed camera car on the side of the road and move it around.

With that method, would it also be possible to have it send screenshots via a discord webhook when someone is fined?

A few things really need fixing and so far support has been limited, Driver and passengers can both receive fines, cars only register as speeding aprox 70% of the time, cameras sometimes bill players even after being removed.

thank you for your bug report and sorry for the inconveniences.
I will start fixing these bugs immediately.
Best whishes
Sloth Scripts

Update Release

New Features:

  • You can save the speedcams now in the database so they will be respawn after a server restart (changeable in config)
  • You can now bill the driver or the vehicle owner(changeable in config)
  • Added a config function to change the cooldown time between you get caught by the speedcam


  • Fixed bug that sometime the passenger gets an invoice
  • Fixed bug that blips won’t delete after a speedcam triggers more than one time


  • After resource restarting all speedcam props will now delete
  • After resource restarting all speedcam areas and props will recreate (If database save is enabled)

You should add this function to script so it sends bill to the plate

MySQL.Async.fetchAll('SELECT * FROM owned_vehicles WHERE @plate = plate', {
		['@plate'] = plate
	}, 	function (result)
		if result[1] ~= nil then
			title = 'Vehicule personel'
			local identifier = result[1].owner
			MySQL.Async.execute('INSERT INTO billing (identifier, sender, target_type, target, label, amount) VALUES (@identifier, @sender, @target_type, @target, @label, @amount)',
				['@identifier']  = identifier,
				['@sender']      = "Radar fixe",
				['@target_type'] = 'society',
				['@target']      = 'society_police',
				['@label']       = ("📸:plaque %s, %s km/h a la place de %s"):format(plate, kmhSpeed, maxSpeed),
				['@amount']      = amount
			}, function(rowsChanged)
				TriggerClientEvent('esx:showNotification', _source, "Votre voiture a été flashé.")

Bill to a plate was already integrated in the last Update but thanks for the feedback

Update Release

New Features:

  • You can now Whitelist vehicles these are not recorded by the Speedcam
  • You can chose between all emergency vehicles or you can add custom vehicles to the whitelist
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just purchased and it wont let me set speed as shown in the video, followed all the instructions in the ReadMe file, any help

Just send me a pm. I give full installation support for this script.

Hey i purchased your scrip and all works fine so far but it doesn’t get my coords

Just send me a pm. So that I can help you.

Fixed it already

Hey Sloth :slight_smile:

I found a problem with your script.

  1. when you break speed cameras, they continue to flash.
  2. if you activate DatabaseSave the speed cameras are saved in the database but not spawned after server restart.

best regards

Hey toby,

these problems are only on your server. I’ve tested the script in many different server environments further no other customer had this problems.

If you need any support, please contact me with a privat message with your problem, your server information and a possible console error. Only then can I really help you.

With best regards
Sloth Scripts

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