[QBCore] Sloth SpeedCam

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[QBCore] Sloth Speedcam is a script with which you can place speed cameras at any position. The players are automatically caught by the speed radar at this point if they exceed their speed. 

This is a ported resource from the ESX version, especially customized for QBCore.


  • Add speed camera wherever you want
  • Set custom speed limits for every single speed camera
  • Set custom fee per kmh/mph for every single speed camera
  • All speed cameras are synchronized by the server
  • Visual effect with sound when you get caught by a speed camera*
  • Blip on the map when you get caught by a speed camera*
  • Automatic invoice
  • Invoice owner or driver*
  • Instructions for integrating in qb-radialmenu
  • No Performance impact (idle 0.01ms)
  • Save the speedcams in the database*
  • Move and rotate the speedcam before you place it
  • No IP-Lock and No Obfuscation

*Can be changed in the config


This script is currently available in English and German. More languages can easily be added. Instructions for this can be found in the readme.
You can also change the prop, the fine, the speed unit and much more in the config.


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Code is accessible Yes
Subscription-based No
Lines (approximately) 650
Requirements qb-core, FXServer v.5181+
Support Yes

nice but i can not set up the cam after i placed it like in your video

I’m sorry that you have a problem please PM me and give me detailed information and possible errors from the console. I am sure we will find a solution.
Best wishes


Added compatibility for older QBCore versions

realy nice guy and the support was amazing thank you verry much keep it going :wink:

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