[PAID] [ESX] Sloth SpeedCam


i have a pair of questions before buying

Does a faction get the money if someone was flashed?

Can police vehicles be excluded from speeding?


Hey Berlin-Sky,

Yes you can set the society, who gets the money, in the config
Yes you can exclude all emergency vehicles or exclude specific models in the config

Sloth Scripts

Thanks for your quick reply

Then you have a new customer now :slight_smile:


Is there a trick so that the camera is correctly aligned to the road?
When I set up a camera, it does not point correctly towards the road and the driver.

The camera prop will create directly in front of the player, so you just have to look in the direction where the camera should be placed.

what is esx?

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does this script has escrow something or encrypted if ill buy this?

No the script don’t use escrow at the moment and isn’t encrypted feel free to edit it if you buy it.

Update 1.4.0

New Features

  • Fines can now be set individually for each Speedcam
  • Some features for the Sloth Control Center have been provided
  • Speedcams are now displayed in the ControlCenter
  • Speedcams can now be edited in the ControlCenter


  • Speedcams can no longer be destroyed

Update 1.5.0

New Features

  • New Movement features for a better placement
  • You can now move the speedcam with the arrow keys
  • You can now rotate the speedcam with the mousewheel
  • Move and rotation speed can be edited in the config


  • Some controls has been changed

Is it possible to lock the feature to a specific job grade? For example only policerank 3 can open the menu? Best speedcam script 100%

Is this script comp with oxmysql?

Since the script has an open source code, this is easily possible, yes.
If you need help with this, please write to me :slight_smile:

It has been adapted for mysql, but should also work with oxmysql

How to use it after installation and how to add it to ESX_ policejob

in the ReadMe File you can find a step by step guide to integrate the script to the esx_policejob.
If you need help with the installation, feel free to contact me via PM and I will help you.