[PAID][ESX][QB] Trading Cards (includes pokemon)


I know there is a lot of trading card scripts out there, but here’s mine.
This script comes with the base set of pokemon cards already configured for easy deployment into any ESX/QB server.
Config allows you to easily switch between frameworks. You can also define unlimited cards and packs within the config too.

Booster packs are made up of 2 sections, a main part for all the main character cards etc, and a fill part where you put all the utility cards. Each of these can be defined separately for how many you will get in a booster pack.
Fill cards are entirely optional and not needed for the booster packs to work.

Snippets are provided in discord to set up card folders for people that use ox_inventory.

This now has the ability to store cards into albums. Albums are create per pack that is defined and you can store one of each card in the album for display. You can take the card back out again if you wish.
You can also show your cards to your friends without having to pass over the card item.

Now available: Card Grading [Add-on]

Video showcase : t3_tradingcards demo

You can purchase this script here.

This resource uses the cfx escrow system


I can certainly look into it… I only mention ox because that is what I have snippets for :slight_smile:

does this have album? Like nopixel

No integrated album yet, If your inventory script allows containers you can store them in one…
I have a snippet for ox_inventory for a card container

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Make UI for card container where you can store cards! insta buy


thats on your inventory tho container just acts as a mini stash like a backpack to hold cards

It seems an album feature is a popular request… Work has begun :wink:

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If you add folders, i will buy , i guess i can change images for the cards to my own?

Will the folder work with esx_inventroyhud too

Yes, you can add as many images/cards as you like, you can also add them alongside the pokemon ones included.

Currently the folders used are essentially ‘backpacks’ but I don’t think esx_inventoryhud has them.
The album feature I am working on will be included and will work regardless of inventory used :slight_smile:

can u show it between players ?

For now you can only pass the item over, but this feature will be coming :slight_smile:


waiting for that! Will cop instantly after this!!!

just wondering could this be intergrated into a house robbery script ?

Any chance you could make a way to use a folder with Disc-inventoryhud

I don’t think I understand what you mean?
The cards are items, so if you store them in a house they can be taken?

Per-Inventory support has been halted for now. New feature coming soon…


Looks good are you using TurnJS for it?

No, this wouldn’t really work for this as the cards are meant to be rigid. I’d say that was more for paper pages.
I keep tweaking the animations but it is mainly through CSS.

Gotcha does the cards have a rarity with Holo effect etc?

They do, you can define each card individually