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  • 0.00ms.
  • Open source.
  • The data is real-time, updated every second.
  • Inspired by binance.
  • Buy and sell crypto coin on the crypto market.
  • You can get crypto coin by buying usdt in your account. (I’m not sure about this system, maybe it change.)
  • Crypto coins you receive are saved in your wallet. (not sql, with local storage)
  • Dark and light mode.
  • And more…

Not: Currently, there are 50 crypto currencies with the highest market value in the script, you can add and remove any crypto money you want.

Code accessible Yes
Subscription based No
Lines (approximately) 2000
Support Yes

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Good job, quick question why not go all the way and save it through the database?
Players could easily change the data in localstorage

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yes you are right but i dont know lua, php or etc. for write sql :worried:

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dude its so nice!!

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good work :heart_eyes:

Please include the paid releases template you removed during topic creation (can be found in Releases Rules and F.A.Q)

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you can write server and client scripts with js and save the data in a json file on the server

okey thanks for the idea

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its perfect homie

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