[paid] [standalone] kill counter script with ui - for pvp servers


Hello, I’m Onlyest.
I developed something like this for my friend’s server and decided to sell.
I wanted to do it like this because I saw your design on another server and liked it.

Video Preview
Tebex Link

Script Features

  • Keeps the data in javascript API, the only difference from sql is that it does not tire the server.
  • When you kill someone, your kill count is increased by 1.
  • When someone kills you, your number of deaths increases by 1.
  • Your kd rate is recalculated when you kill someone or someone kills you.
  • Your rank changes depending on your kd rate or the number of kills.
    you can set this up.
  • You can reset your data using the /reset command
  • When you kill someone you get money.
  • Full responsive.

My other script
Personal css Settings - QB Inventory


So you’re saving everything in localstorage?

yes and working properly

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Seems simple but since it’s only $10 I guess it’s fine

yes simple like i said i made it for my friends server and decided to sell it only 20 minutes

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I think it obscures the player’s vision a bit.

You should only make it alert if a player has successfully defeated another player or their stats have been updated.

Good idea but already the player can turn it on and off by pressing the key.

good work my man

thanks dude

resmon would be good

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yes it is

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nice one

thanks :blush:

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good job mate

damnnnn thats lit


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sheeesh looks good man :yum:

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