[paid] [esx-qb] binance system - buy/sell crypto coins

Has anyone converted this script to use sql? If you have please message me. I’m at a loss trying to make this use sql since we found an exploit on the current system.

this is a broken resource that i got scammed on by the creator. he would stretch out our support for weeks because he didnt actually know how to fix the problem then refused a refund then told tebex that it wasnt necessary i got what i paid for even though u can easily manipulate how many coins u get on the client sided js and manipulate how much money you get the first day people who were smart enough to figuree out the trick made 10s of millions and he just completely disregaurds that his resource is broken

I bought it and it works perfectly. Even helped me when i wanted to add something new. Players are very satisfied . :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:

Have ur player hold cash open the binance system then get robbed for all their cash as they spam buy coins… its easily exploitable ntm theres no checks when pushing posts from the javascript so anyone can open up ur nui dev tools and change the number to any amount and as long as they have one crypto they can get as much cash as they want. It works well but is easily exploitable and the creator refuses to fix it

yes, I was getting such an error at first, I noticed it and talked to the owner and we solved the problem together. There is no such problem in the new version.

easily exploitable… DO NOT BUY

thats fixed long time ago

I never received a fix?

The product was new when you bought it and you insulted me

It was heavily exploitable when i bought it and you refused to acknowledge it because it supposedly ran fine for other people that never checked for the serious exploit… You denied me support right from the start so yes i called u a bad developer… and someone looking for a quick buck no matter the costs AKA a scammer… If you fixed it i have paid my fair share for this resource and would like the fix to be supplied.

well have you fixed it?

Even tebex found me right

wheres the fix though? i still do not have a copy yet so as far as im concernd the product you sold me is havily exploitable and buggy. That still makes u a poor developer no matter what tebex agrees with XD. Good devs fix their resources, acknowledge actual exploits and respond to support accordingly they dont tell people the exploit that they just got a video of doesnt exist… Trust if tebex had any sort of actual quality control you wouldnt have been able to release this…
You told me this video where i spam the event wasnt an issue as well as the one i sent where i was being robbed whilst in the menu

I already said I fixed it and when you bought it it was just the first version, what are you still trying to prove?

so can i have the fixed version?

odd how my access to the resource has been restricted